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Addiction & Chronic Relapse: Why Long Term Sobriety Eludes Some People

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019

PTSD and Alcoholism

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Time to Talk Day 2019

The Critic, The Rebel, & The Addict: Tame Your Negative Inner Voices

Benefits of NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming

Non 12 Step Addiction Recovery Programs

What Are Judgments? How Do They Relate to Addiction?

It's Mental Wellness Month 2019

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month 2018

Financial Distress Due to Substance Abuse

The Residential Rehab Retreat—Why It’s The Best for Treating Addiction

Can Adoption Trauma Lead to Addiction?

When Family Time Causes Anxiety: Coping with the Holidays (Video)

Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults

International Survivor of Suicide Day

Confessions of a Malibu Treatment Center Provider

How to Overcome Low Self Esteem

Stigma of Mental Illness

No More Shame: Self-Forgiveness Exercises to Help Free You From Addiction

What Role Does Environment Play in Addiction Recovery?

What Is Failure to Launch Syndrome?

What Is National Depression Screening Day?

Celebrate World Mental Health Day

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2018

Do I Have A Drinking Problem?

Are You Struggling With Depression After Losing A Parent?

What is Unemployment Depression?

Eating Disorder Statistics

Understanding Anger: Is it Harming Your Mental Health?

How to Help Someone With Depression

Is My Spouse An Alcoholic?

What You Don't Know About Anger and Alcoholism

Two Essential Things That Are Missing In Addiction Treatment

7 Hidden Signs of Early-Stage Depression

Treating Depression: What We Can Learn From the Tragic Suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

Addiction Recovery Without 12 Steps

Why Go Through Residential Addiction Treatment With a Cohort?

Seattle Alcohol Rehab Centers

Help Paying for Drug Rehab

Where Do Limiting Beliefs Come From? (Video)

How to Heal Underlying Core Issues Starting Right Now (Video)

The Truth About Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Two Tools to Help You Evaluate if You're Ready for Residential Rehab

It's Not the Drugs: Are Adverse Childhood Experiences Holding You Back? (Video)

Adverse Childhood Experiences FAQs

Do You Have Adverse Childhood Experiences? Take the Quiz

Addiction and Dysfunctional Relationships (Video)

Is a Non 12 Step Rehab Right for You? (Video)

How to Heal From Emotional Abuse (Video)

What Are Limiting Beliefs? Are They Holding You Back? (Video)

How Much Does Rehab Cost? What it Takes for Effective Addiction Treatment

Non 12 Step Rehab: A Side-By-Side Comparison of the Best Programs

Does Insurance Cover Rehab Costs?

Finding the Best Rehab in Seattle

The Biology of Belief: Here's How to Change Your Reality

Self-Help & Professional Help Options For Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Addiction

Addiction and Relationships: What's the Connection? (Video)

Understanding the Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

Characteristics of Top Rated Alcohol Rehab Centers

What's the Missing Piece in Addiction Treatment? (Video)

My 12 Step Program Isn’t Working ... Now What?

The Evidence Based Treatment Center Seattle Residents Need

Characteristics of the Rehab Seattle Residents Need

Addiction and Personal Responsibility: What You Need to Know

Detox in Seattle: Only the First Stop on the Road to Recovery

The Biology of Belief Summary

What is Lean? Learn the Dangers

Waiting for Permission to Alter Your Life in 2018? No More.

Review: The Sober Truth - Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12 Step Programs with Dr. Lance Dodes

2017 Addiction Statistics

How the Best Non 12 Step Rehab Programs Keep People Sober

11 Festive Non-Alcoholic Drinks for the Holidays

The Biology of Belief: Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton (Part 1)

How Non 12 Step Treatment Centers Work

Identifying Signs of Addiction in Your Loved One

How to Help Someone with Anxiety

The Connection Between Anger and Addiction (video)

Top 10 Truths: Trauma and Addiction

What Do Cookies and Meth Have in Common? The Neuroscience of Addiction

Opioids and Senior Citizens: What's the Real Story?

How to Find High-Quality Residential Addiction Treatment Centers

How are Genetics and Mental Disorders Connected?

Suicide Prevention: Healing Hopelessness and Despair

Will the Opioid Epidemic Ever End?

Tough Love and Addiction: Why It Doesn't Work - Maia Szalavitz

What Is Medical Detox?

What Is Depression?

Why Addiction Is Not a Disease: An Interview with Dr. Marc Lewis

How Depression Symptoms Can Complicate Your Addiction Recovery Journey

Facts About Childhood Trauma [Infographic]

Sobriety Quotes: Neil Steinberg on The Adventure of Recovery

Is Addiction a Disease? What Medical Experts Think

Learn How to Stop Drinking

Is Addiction a Disease? An Interview with Dr. Sally Satel (video)

More Than Willpower: Conquering Alcohol Dependence

The Trauma Definition and How It Relates to Addiction

Freedom from Anxiety and Addiction: An Interview with Jodi Aman

Family-Based Addiction Prevention: Q&A with the UN's Dr. Gilberto Gerra

Is Your Spouse Exhibiting Signs of Alcoholism?

How Spiritual Psychology Aids Substance Abuse Treatment

Sobriety Quotes: Neil Steinberg on Going to Rehab

Is There a Myth about Childhood Trauma and Addiction? Q&A with Author Neil Steinberg

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

What is Spiritual Wellness? An Interview with Ilchi Lee

Choosing Inpatient Treatment for Depression

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment Pros and Cons

How to Choose a Medical Detox Center: An Interview with Dr. Peter Coleman

Sierra Tucson Cost and Feature Comparison (Ratings / Reviews)

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms: Knowing What to Expect

Will the Heroin Epidemic Kill You, Too?

The Addiction Definition: Why It's Not the Same as Substance Abuse

SheRecovers Event: Addiction Recovery for Women

Is Alcohol a Drug? Why It's One of the Worst

Codependency: Addiction's Best Friend

Passages Malibu Cost and Feature Comparison (Ratings / Reviews)

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

How Long to Detox From Alcohol?

Am I an Alcoholic?

Best Non 12 Step Rehab Centers in the Northwest

Out of the Wreck I Rise: Interview with Neil Steinberg

Understanding the Schick Shadel Method and Counter Conditioning

Subutex vs Suboxone: An Honest Comparison

19 Top Medical Detox Centers in the U.S.

Book Review: When Your Partner Has An Addiction

Healing Addiction with Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction and Your Brain: The Internal Recovery Journey

Why The Clearing's Rehab Success Rate Is So High

Interview: When Your Partner Has An Addiction

The Surgeon General's Report on Addiction

Why Heroin Relapse Rate Is So High

Reviewing Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery

The Golden Child Goes to Rehab

The Best Addiction Recovery Program You've Never Heard Of

7 Ways to Deal with Addiction During the Holidays

6 Reasons Why Drug & Alcohol Rehab Success Rates Are So Low

How to Cope with Anxiety in Healthy Ways

5 Tips For Choosing an Addiction Rehab That's Right for You

Borderline Personality Disorder and Addiction

How Meditation Helps Women Overcome Addiction

The Connection between Alcoholism and Anger

Spiritual Awakening: An Interview with Jim Tolles

Is There A Positive Aspect From Addiction?

Do I Really Need Spirituality in Recovery?

The Connection Between Anxiety and Addiction

Help Stop Tragedy: 7 Tips for Suicide Prevention Awareness

How Medication Helps Addiction and Depression

Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Learn What Bipolar Recovery Really Looks Like

Coping Skills for Addiction: Why You Need Therapy Too

Why Dual Diagnosis Treatment Matters

Choosing the Right Residential Addiction Treatment

What's Wrong with Addiction Rehab: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

The Connection Between Bipolar and Addiction

3 Common Struggles for People with PTSD

Don't Miss These Top 25 Spiritual Wellness Bloggers

About Our Transformative Addiction Recovery Program

Addiction Treatment Modalities: Which Ones Really Work?

Beyond the 12 Steps: The Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Healing Underlying Core Issues Webcast

Why Medical Detox Isn't Enough to End Most Addictions

5 Reasons Our Programs Don't Work for Everyone

Addiction Treatment Modalities, Part 1: What Are My Options?

Don't Miss These Top 25 Mental Health Bloggers

America's Escalating Opioid Crisis

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction: Part 2 (Hidden Trauma)

The Lingering Stigma of Addiction and Mental Health

How Art Can Define Emotional Health and Addiction Recovery

What the Death of Prince Says About Our Escalating Opioid Crisis

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction: Part 1

Don't Miss These Top 25 Addiction Bloggers

Preventing Relapse with a Holistic Drug Rehab Model

3 Myths about Trauma and Addiction

Get Serious About Inpatient Rehab

Announcing our New Video Resource Center for Addiction Treatment

How Meditation Aids Mind Body Health

How a Sense of Purpose Can Impact Emotional Health

The Toxic Mix of Shame and Addiction

Free eBook: Supporting A Loved One Struggling with Addiction

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California (CA)

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Washington State (WA)

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment and Why is it Important?

Not All Non 12 Step Recovery Programs are Created Equal

Opioid Addiction Medication: A Step Forward or a Step Backward?

Choosing the Right Residential Addiction Treatment Program

6 Ways to Pay For Rehab

12 Steps vs Non 12 Step Rehab: Making the Right Choice

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California (CA)

Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Washington State (WA)

Trauma and Addiction: Key to Recovery from Substance Abuse

Dual Diagnosis Gets to the Root Causes of Addiction

Suicidal Thoughts—Where They Come From and How to Treat Them

What to Ask When Selecting a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Alcohol and Depression: Common Companions of Dual Diagnosis

The Good News and Bad News Relating to Your Addicted Spouse

How to Spot Signs of Addiction in Your Spouse

Seven Things to Do and Not Do if You Have an Addicted Spouse

Don't Make These Resolutions When Seeking Recovery

Addiction and Psychosocial Development in Early Childhood

Understanding Anger and Addiction (video)

Another Look at Step 12 of the 12 Steps

Analyzing Step 11 of the 12 Steps

Schick Shadel Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center (Reviews / Ratings)

What's the Role of Spirituality in Treatment?

Another Look 12 Steps Step 10 (Step 10 of the 12-Steps Program)

Graduation Day at The Clearing!

No Guilt and No Shame: Providing Support During Recovery

Learning to Break the Addictive Cycle

Living on the Edge of Sanity

Staying Clean and Sober over the Holidays

Learning How to Deal With Loss

Mental Health Taboos and Memories of Robin Williams

Self Counseling: Be Your Own Therapist

Promises Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center (Reviews / Ratings)

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 9 (Step 9 of the 12-Steps Program)

What is Relapse? How It Affects Recovery

LA Medical Detox Cost Comparison: What to Consider

The Clearing Receives Washington Treatment Center Licensing

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 8 (Step 8 of the 12-Steps Program)

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 7 (Step 7 of the 12 Steps Program)

Sierra Tucson Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center (Reviews / Ratings)

Another Look at Step 6 of the 12 Steps

Passages Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center (Reviews / Ratings)

My Walk With God: Atheism, Agnosticism, and Spirituality

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 5 (Step 5 of the 12-Steps Program)

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 4 (Step 4 of the 12-Steps Program)

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 3 (Step 3 of the 12-Steps Program)

How Therapists and Counselors Effectively Handle Resistant Clients

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 2 (Step 2 of the 12-Steps Program)

Cliffside Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Review

Hazelden Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center (Reviews / Ratings)

In Recovery, Time Doesn't Always Heal All Wounds

How to Get What You Want with Co-Creation: Ideal Scenes

7 Interesting Things on the Origin of Halloween

Healing Underlying Core Issues: Key to Lasting Recovery

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Another Look at 12 Steps Step 1 (Step 1 of the 12-Steps Program)

Top 5 Ways to Get Ripped Off in Residential Treatment

How We’re Different: Structured Addiction Recovery Program

Seattle Addiction Treatment and Medical Detox Options

Confessions of a Malibu Treatment Center Survivor

How Much is Residential Rehab Really Going to Cost?

Why We Teach Self Counseling Skills in Residential Rehab

12 Steps vs. Non 12 Steps: An Honest Comparison

We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

How the Mind Body Connection Aids Rehab and Recovery

How Much Does Inpatient Addiction Treatment Cost? | The Clearing

Self Forgiveness: An Important Step in Rehab and Recovery

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment: An Honest Comparison

Advantages of Going Through Residential Rehab as a Group

The Limits of Mental Illness Medications

What Cory Monteith's Death Says About the Rehab Industry

An Innovative Washington State Addiction Treatment Center

How to Choose the Right Residential Treatment Center

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