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Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults

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effects of childhood trauma on adultsMany people suffering drug or alcohol addiction do not understand this problem is one of the effects of childhood trauma on adults. Unhealed trauma drains your energy and pulls happiness from your life, even when you do not think about your painful past. So if you want real hope and healing in your life, your addiction rehab treatment must include many hours of trauma counseling.

Proven Effects of Childhood Trauma on Adults

Scientific research proves the effects of childhood trauma on adults. These effects make you more vulnerable to substance abuse, addiction and other behavioral problems. After all, your trauma affected your brain development. Our brains respond and adapt to our environments, helping you survive but also causing changes in how your live your life.

Childhood is important for brain growth and maturity. During your young years your brain builds, strengthens and sometimes ends neural connections. These network connections map part of your future, just like when your brain learns to talk or walk.

Your experiences affect the physical structure of your brain. These include positive experiences and negative ones. The effects of childhood trauma on adults include mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and PTSD. Many also suffer addiction and eating disorders with these conditions.

Studies show how childhood trauma affects adults, such as in changed brain development. In living under ongoing stress and fear, your brain suffered structural changes visible on brain scans. These changes influence your use of drugs and alcohol as an adult. Doctors call your substance use disorder and mental trauma co-occurring conditions, for which you need dual diagnosis treatment.

Why Childhood Trauma Affects Adults

Two in every three people addicted to drugs or alcohol share a past of childhood trauma. This trauma includes child abuse, but also events of neglect, parental loss, witnessing domestic violence, crime victimization or having a mentally ill family member. A wide range of events lead to childhood trauma.

Adults better endure trauma than children. Our adult brains have learned how to get through such struggles with fewer physical and mental changes. But children do not possess these skills or abilities. This shows why children's brains lead to effects of childhood trauma in adulthood.

In many cases of childhood trauma, kids do not have trustworthy or reliable adults in their lives. Without support, the trauma remains internalized through young years and well into adulthood. Your conscious mind does not understand your needs but your inner self wears your trauma every day. This untreated trauma leads many people into self-medication using drugs or alcohol.

Help for Your Childhood Trauma and Addiction

When you suffer addiction related to childhood trauma, you need treatment for both of those conditions at once. Only through dual diagnosis rehab treatment will you gain lasting recovery. This treatment must include help for all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. For example, programs and services you need include:

You find all of the above addiction and trauma treatment in Washington State at The Clearing. Call The Clearing now at 425-275-8600 for more information about available programs. You can get past the effects of childhood trauma on adults, with the right help.

Clearing Staff

This post was written by Clearing Staff

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