What We Treat

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The Clearing is a 12-steps alternative program that treats those recovering from alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, and other disorders. We teach Spiritual Psychology counseling strategies which support Participants in healing core issues that underlie challenging behaviors.

Issues That Can Benefit from our Program Include:

Traumatic Events

  • Loss of loved one
  • Divorce
  • Loss of job or career
  • Loss of prestige
  • Loss of direction
  • Abuse
  • Review traumatic events

Mental Health Treatment

Addiction Treatment and Substance Abuse

Eating Disorders


Dual Diagnosis

Some Participants may have co-occurring disorders, for example substance addiction coupled with depression. This is known as dual diagnosis and our Program addresses both conditions concurrently.

Applicants are screened for their willingness and ability to authentically participate.

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Selecting the right treatment option can be a complicated decision.

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