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Stigma of Mental Illness

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stigma of mental illnessEach year, one out of five Americans experiences a mental illness. Because of the stigma of mental illness, many people do not get the help they need. They may feel ashamed or uncomfortable about admitting that they need support. Thankfully, these negative attitudes and beliefs are gradually starting to change.

The Stigma of Mental Illness

A stigma happens when someone assigns a negative stereotype to a certain. The stigma of mental illness can cause discrimination or harmful remarks. It may be subtle or direct.

A stigma can make people reluctant to get treatment. They may feel like they will never be able to change or overcome challenges. Because they do not get the right help, they may lose opportunities for school or work.

In severe cases, this stigma may involve physical violence, bullying or harassment. At the very least, the stigma may make someone feel badly understood by their friends and loved ones. Because of this stigma, people may have a hard time getting the help that they need.

Coping With the Stigma

At a Pacific Northwest dual diagnosis treatment center, patients can get help for their mental disorder. The first step in coping with a stigma is to seek help. Treatment can identify the problem and alleviate symptoms.

No one has to let a stigma create shame or self-doubt. Many people experience a mental illness or have a loved one with a mental disorder. It is not a sign of a lack of willpower or weakness. By getting treatment, patients can regain their self-esteem.

It is important that people avoid becoming isolated. While there is a stigma about mental illness, most friends and family members will want to help once they know that someone needs assistance. The stigma exists because people do not understand mental illness. Once they know what living with a mental disorder is actually like, they will want to help.

Finding the Right Treatment

With the help of holistic programs, patients can get the care they need. Spiritual psychology offers tools and a holistic approach to help patients change their lives completely. This approach allows patients to look at underlying problems and resolve them.

The right treatment program offers the unique treatments, therapies and support that patients need. These programs may include options such as:

Through the right program, patients can get help for their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs. No one has to suffer from a mental illness in silence. You can overcome the stigma of mental illness and get the help you need at the Clearing. To find out how we can help, contact us today at 425-275-8600.

Clearing Staff

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