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What is Lean? Learn the Dangers

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What is Lean?

Not all drugs come in pill or powder form. Lean is one of the most dangerous drugs out there, and it comes as a beverage. What is Lean? Learn more about the drug, why it's dangerous, and how you can fight back against a lean addiction.

What is Lean?

Lean goes by many names. Some call it Purple Drank, Sizzurp, or Dirty Sprite. Whatever the name, the ingredients are the same.

Lean starts with the main ingredient of prescription cold or cough medicine. This will usually contain both codeine, which is an opiate, and promethazine, which is a sedative. Users then mix the syrup with a lime-flavored soft drink, ice, and a few hard candies.

The result is a cold, sweet-tasting beverage that many users sip on over the course of several hours. Sadly, some groups treat Lean like it’s alcohol. In reality, there’s no safe or responsible way to consume the highly addictive substance.

Exploring the Rise of Lean

Lean abuse began in Houston, but it has spread throughout the country. Although Lean is a dangerous drug, it’s often portrayed as a party aid, particularly in the hip-hop world. In the past, musicians like Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne have been open about their reliance on Lean, which encourages teens and young adults to try the drug themselves. In fact, due in part to flagrant celebrity Lean abuse, Actavis ceased all production of their promethazine-codeine cough syrup in 2014.

Despite more stringent government regulations, Lean abuse still remains a problem, particularly among teens and young adults. Although individuals see the cocktail glorified in music videos, they may not be aware of its destructive properties.

Physical Side Effects of Lean

The name "Lean" comes from one of its most common side effects. Users will often feel dizzy and have a hard time balancing, and they may lean to one side when under the influence. The drug can also lead to blurred vision, memory problems, and slurred speech. In many ways, the immediate physical side effects of Lean mimic alcohol poisoning.

Using Lean for an extended period of time can lead to even more severe health problems. Dental decay and gum diseases are likely. The codeine cause chronic constipation, and urinary tract infections are also common. A person's sleep cycle is also likely to be disrupted.

Because of the drug’s opiate properties, you can become dependent on Lean. The more you consume it, the greater your chance of becoming addicted.


What is Lean Addiction Treatment?

Drug and substance abuse is a serious issue, but treatment rooted in Spiritual Psychology can make all the difference. What we treat at The Clearing is more than just the physical side of addiction. It’s also the psychological, emotional and spiritual factors. In order to achieve comprehensive recovery, clients might participate in:

What is Lean? In short, it’s an obstacle to your health and happiness. At The Clearing in San Juan Island, Washington, our substance abuse programs can help you begin the journey to recovery. Call 425-275-8600 to learn more and to take back control over your life.

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