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Non 12 Step Rehab: A Side-By-Side Comparison of the Best Programs

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There are more than 14,500 residential drug and alcohol rehabs in the United States today, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Even if you've narrowed your criteria to Non-12 Step rehabs, you still face over 3,600 options.

No wonder so many people feel overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a treatment program that fits their needs!

That's why we've created this list, comparing the best non-12 Step rehab facilities in the US on over 25 attributes. 

Options for A Non 12 Step Rehab Facility

As a non 12-step rehab, we often get questions about other non 12-step programs. We recognize that a finding a rehab is about finding the right fit ... and we may not be the best fit for everyone. Based on our experience and knowledge, here are 19 other programs that we respect. 

If you’ve done some research on your own, then you probably already know that some residential rehabs don’t publish key data points - such as their treatment modalities, number of professional counseling hours, and total program costs - on their websites. 

We’ve done the homework for you, making a tough task easier. In this post, we’ve culled thousands of candidates to bring you 20 of the best non 12 Step rehabs out there today. 

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in the United States

Based on our research and experience, here are 20 strong non 12 step rehabs:

No. Non 12-Step Rehab Location
1. Alo House Malibu, CA
2. Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia Savannah, GA
3. Aton Center Encinitas, CA
4. Blu by the Sea Destin, FL
5. Center for Motivational Change New Marlborough, MA
6. Chateau Recovery Center Midway, UT
7, Clarity Way Hanover, PA
8. Cliffside Malibu, CA
9. Cold Creek Recovery Center Kaysville, UT
10. Elevate Addiction Services Santa Cruz / Lake Tahoe, CA
11. Gulf Breeze Recovery Gulf Breeze, FL
12. Hope by the Sea San Juan Capistrano, CA
13. Miramar Recovery Center Laguna Beach, CA
14. Morningside Recovery Irvine, CA
15. St. Gregory Recovery Centers Bayard, IA
16. Synergy Recovery Center Rogersville, MO
17. The Clearing Friday Harbor, WA
18. The Freedom Model (St. Jude) Amsterdam, NY
19. The Sanctuary at Sedona Comville, AZ
20. Turning Point Centers Sandy, UT

Download the full PDF comparing these non 12-Step rehabs. 

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Arizona 

The Sanctuary at Sedona

Located in Cornville, AZ, The Sanctuary at Sedona is a leader in integrative addiction recovery. They are located in a secluded location about halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ.

The Sanctuary at Sedona is a 30-day inpatient-only program with no on-site detox. It has rolling admission, but there are a maximum of 7 participants at a given time, so there is a high degree of individual attention.

The Sanctuary is very holistic - mind, body, spirit and soul. Therapies include CBT, Mindfulness-Based, Jungian, and Transpersonal therapy. Though no exact success rates are provided, ratings are high.

Highlighted Details: Like The Clearing, care is trauma-centered and The Sanctuary welcomes individuals with PTSD; they also publish a weekly recovery schedule online. 

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in California 

Aton Center

Located just north of San Diego CA, Aton Center is a non 12-Step program is based on the SMART Recovery model. Aton believes that no one treatment or approach is right for everyone, so they also offer an optional 12 Step component.

Both the accommodations and the facilities are top notch. Participants stay in private or shared rooms in one of the five residences on the Aton estate. Each residence can house up to 6 people.

Therapeutic options such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), biofeedback, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) help promote trauma healing as well.

Highlighted Details: Aton offers on-site detox and teams of specialists for integrated care. They host a maximum of 30 clients at a time. Their average 12-month success rate is 67%.

Cliffside Malibu 

Located in Malibu, CA, Cliffside Malibu fits the mold of Malibu rehabs: luxury, beach, and steep price tag. Cliffside is frequented by celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Ty Lawson.

But with 24 participants at a time and a staff of over 20, Cliffside provides a high level of individual attention. Stays range from 30 to 90 days.

Cliffside Malibu uses a proprietary model that they call Stages of Change; it's designed to address the root mental and emotional causes of addiction. And if you need detox, you can get that on site too.

Highlighted Details: Cliffside is pet-friendly, which is rare for a luxury center. According to staff, 7 out of 10 past participants self-report as sober. 

Elevate Addiction Services

Located near Monterey Bay south of Santa Cruz, CA, Elevate Addiction Services offers an outpatient and inpatient program with on-site detox. Elevate is on the larger end of the non 12-step rehab spectrum, with up to 150 participants across 2 locations:

  • Santa Cruz, which has capacity for about 50 inpatient participants and 24 transitional residents, and ...
  • Lake Tahoe, which has capacity for about 70 inpatient participants.
The program length is 30-90 days. Therapies offered are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and SMART Recovery programming.

Highlighted Details: Elevate is an entirely non 12 Step program; it was established in 2015, and it’s the newest program on this list. Elevate also offers a "program guarantee." Participants who are "led astray" within 6 months of completing their program are welcome to return an additional 30 days of treatment.

Hope By the Sea

Located in the southern California city of San Juan Capistrano, Hope by the Sea offers both inpatient and outpatient programming. They are on the larger end of the non 12-Step rehab spectrum, as they welcome up to 100 total participants on a rolling admission basis.

Participants stay in 12 different luxury residences, segregated by gender and age.

Highlighted Details: Their therapeutic program includes SMART Recovery, CBT, and Gestalt therapy. Specialty programs include tracks for men, women, and young adults. 12 Step and Christian-based options are available separately. 95% of the staff is in recovery, and 50% of them have gone through the program themselves. 

Miramar Treatment Center

Miramar Treatment Center is a southern California rehab located in Laguna Beach. Miramar touts "high-end, affordable treatment for lasting healing" and provides both inpatient and outpatient options. Inpatient programs range from 30-90 days.

Participants live in one of 3 separate residences, with up to 6 people per residence. Residences are gender-specific. Methods include CBT, DBT, EMDR, and psychoanalytic therapy. A 12 Step option is available.

Highlighted Details: Miramar Treatment Center offers two to three individual, one-on-one therapy sessions each week and two small group therapy and counseling sessions daily.

Morningside Recovery

Located in Orange County, CA, Morningside Recovery is another non 12-step rehab with an optional 12 Step component. The program length ranges from 30-90 days.
Morningside provide both outpatient and inpatient rehab programs, hosting a maximum of 20 clients with rolling admission for their residential program.
Their diverse array of personalized programming includes art therapy, CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), EMDR, and more.
Morningside Recovery offers a wide range of specialty programs, including:
  • LGBQ
  • Couple counseling
  • Jewish recovery
  • Christian recovery

Highlighted Details: With the Morningside Academic Institute, Morningside helps clients receive a high school diploma or GED.

Download the Full Table (PDF)


Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Florida 

Blu by the Sea


Located in Destin in the Florida panhandle, Blu by the Sea has 12 beds total plus two beds for detox. All residents stay in a single eight-bedroom residence, with both single and shared rooms.

Blue by the Sea subscribes to the "addiction is a disease" model of recovery. Their 30-60 day rehab program is inpatient only.

They offer coaching, CBT, DBT, Gestalt, Jungian, and somatic therapies ... up to 20 modalities in total.

Highlighted Details: This program works with word-of-mouth references only, so everyone who attends comes by referral from someone familiar with the program.

Gulf Breeze Recovery

Overlooking Pensacola Bay in the Florida panhandle, Gulf Breeze Recovery is 60-90 day inpatient-only program that specializes in "overcoming chronic relapse."

Every principle behind the Gulf Breeze program is based on the knowledge that guests are not broken. Gulf Breeze does not offer a 12-Step option.

Up to 26 participants are admitted on a rolling basis. Participants stay in one large main building with men and women separated on different floors.

Psychological testing is provided along with art, net-cognitive, and recreational therapy.

Highlighted Details: They provide a minimum of 10 individual therapeutic hours per week per person as well as group therapy.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Georgia 

Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia

Located in Savannah, GA, the Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia (ARC of GA) is a unique treatment option that focuses on medically-assisted support. Like Blue by the Sea, ARC of GA subscribes to the "addiction is a disease" model of recovery. 

This is not a dual diagnosis or heavily therapy-based program, as are most of the other programs in our list. Instead, ARC of GA focuses on drug and alcohol rehabilitation using a drug called Naltrexone, which helps control the desire to drink.

Their program length is one to six weeks, which considerably shorter than most. The shorter length is due to their focus on medical treatment, rather than therapies that drive down to the underlying core issues driving addiction.

Highlighted Details: ARC of GA offers personalized treatment plans and program lengths, as well as both inpatient and outpatient options.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Iowa 

St. Gregory Recovery Centers

Located in Bayard, IA, St Gregory Recovery Centers is a Catholic-based rehab & recovery program that offers separate retreat centers for men and women. They serve up to 20 participants at a time. The focus is on providing an evidence-based program that is safe, comfortable, and grounded in Christian tradition along with 24-hour nursing and medicine management.

St. Gregory Recovery Centers offers an eight-week residential program. Their program incorporates the latest in brain functioning research and neurocognitive therapy, and it is structured in the following 6 phases:

  1. Return to Normal (withdrawal management)
  2. Change Your Thinking (CBT)
  3. Transform Your Life (new habit development)
  4. Repair Your Brain (neurochemical therapy)
  5. Strengthen Your Body (health and wellness)
  6. Support Your Recovery (life coaching)

Highlighted Details: St Gregory provides a faith-based environment that nurtures spirit, mind, and body.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Massachusetts 

Center for Motivational Change

The Center for Motivational Change has both outpatient and inpatient options and three different locations as well. The inpatient residential rehab is located in New Marlborough, MA, in the Berkshire Mountains and about 50-60 miles northwest of Hartford in the southwest corner of Massachusetts.

In addition, the Center for Motivational Change has outpatient locations in Manhattan and Roslyn, NY. 

CMC is a unique, private group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers in New York City and Massachusetts specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviors. CMC teaches a range of evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies, and they provide a nurturing and supportive environment.

Highlighted Details: The treatment plan is tailored to each individual, so the length and intensity of treatment varies.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Missouri 

Synergy Recovery Center

Located in Rogersville, MO, in a rural location on 20 acres in the southwest part of the state, Synergy Recovery Center is one of the few women-only programs. Synergy boasts a low client-to-staff ratio with only eight to 10 participants at any given time.

Synergy uses a variety of treatment modalities, including evidence-based practices, the traditional 12 step model, holistic health therapies, medicated-assisted treatment, mental health services, and trauma services including EMDR, to get to the root cause of addiction and promote positive lifestyle changes.

If you need detox, you'll need to make separate arrangements. However, the program is designed to support long term care for up to six months. 

Highlighted Details: Synergy provides residential treatment for women only; long term care is also available. 

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in New York 

The Freedom Model / St. Jude Retreats

Located about 35 miles northwest of Albany in the town of Amsterdam, NY, The Freedom Model is an inpatient program serving a maximum of 26 people at once.

It was established in 1992 as St. Jude Retreats, and recently changed its moniker to The Freedom Model. (The Freedom Model is the namesake of the non 12-Step program pioneered by Mark Sheeran.) It is one of the oldest residential non 12-Step programs. The program is based in a cognitive development modality and is entirely Non 12 Step.

The Freedom Model is education-based, and it disagrees with the assertion that addiction is a disease. Founder Sheeran believes that healing comes through presenting and working through the research with participants.

Their success rates range between 60%-70%. In 2003, an outside research organization did a random sampling of the previous participants and arrived at a 58% success rate, with a 62.5% abstinence average success rate total.

Highlighted Details: This program also treats individuals with eating disorders and other behavioral-based disorders. There are no blackouts, and no insurance coverage is available; The Freedom Model is private-pay only.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Pennsylvania 

Clarity Way

Clarity Way is located in Hanover, PA, 19 miles southwest of York and 54 miles north-northwest of Baltimore, MD and about five miles north of the Mason-Dixon line. The town is situated in a productive agricultural region.

Clarity Way provides both inpatient residential rehab and on-site detox. They use a multidisciplinary and multi-sensory treatment approach that considers their clients’ physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Their residential program supports 27 people on a rolling admission basis. In addition to traditional therapies like individual and group therapy, they offer experiential approaches such as psychodrama, animal-assisted therapy, and mindfulness. A 12 Step option is offered, along with SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery, a Buddhist approach.  

Highlighted Details: Clarity Way offers individualized treatment plans; no success rates are available.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Utah 

Chateau Recovery

Chateau Recovery is located in Midway, UT, about 30 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Chateau Recovery is an inpatient-only program with 16 total beds. Founded in 2012, the program addresses substance abuse as well as depression and trauma issues.

Chateau Recovery's approach to rehabilitation is entirely flexible, never defined by traditional 12 Step or pre-planned models. Like us, they believe that recovery is characterized by support, freedom, and empowerment and never by shame, labels, and isolation.

Highlighted Details: This program uses a variety of modalities, and they offer participants the option of attending 12 Step meetings if desired.

Cold Creek Recovery Center

Located in Brighton, UT, Cold Creek Behavioral Health welcomes a maximum of 12 residential clients at a time. They offer inpatient residential treatment, outpatient treatment, sober living, and day treatment programs.

Cold Creek only offers Non 12-Step therapies including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), equine therapy, DBT (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy), and bio-sound therapy too. Success rate data is not available.

Highlighted Details: The program seeks to involve family as much as possible, and also offers service animal-based therapy.

Turning Point Centers

Located just south of Salt Lake City in Sandy, UT, Turning Point Centers is a 32-bed rehab that welcomes clients on a rolling basis for a 30-day minimum session with a 90-day option. They offer inpatient residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and day treatment programs.

Turning Point only offers Non 12-Step therapies including CBT and EMDR, and the program is individualized for each participant. Trauma-centered care is a major component, and they treat individuals with sex addiction as well.

Highlighted Details: Turning Point requires a full blackout of cell phones, but they do have public computers available. They are in-network for most insurance, but no success rates are available online.

Best Non 12 Step Rehabs in Washington State 

The Clearing


Are you interested in an inpatient addiction treatment program with a commitment to caring and over 80% rehab success rate?

The Clearing, located in beautiful Friday Harbor, WA, utilizes evidence-based healing techniques that address the underlying core issues of addiction.

The Only Cohort-Based Program

The Clearing is the only residential treatment program in the country which offers a consecutive 28-day program to a small cohort group of up to ten. This profound departure from the traditional residential treatment model is a significant benefit to Participants.

Having a closed session allows for a much better learning experience for everyone involved. Participants move through our Program together, starting and ending at the same time. This creates a feeling of safety, stability, and continuity that is essential for full healing.

Highlighted Details

The Clearing is one of the few programs in the country that provides full cost transparency. Visit our Program Cost and Pricing page to learn more. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit

It’s our hope that this guide will empower you to find the rehab facility that’s a perfect fit for you and your recovery.

We also recommend you download our FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Residential Addiction Treatment Program:


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Gregg helps get the word out about The Clearing. When he’s not riding his bike and enjoying the beauty of the San Juan Islands, Gregg loves to cook and spend time with his family.

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