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What is Unemployment Depression?

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Do I Have Unemployment Depression?Depression and substance abuse are common problems that often occur together. To complicate matters even further, there are many different causes of clinical depression. Therefore, the following information will define unemployment depression. It will also talk about the signs that can accompany unemployment depression so that you can recognize this problem.

Difference Between Normal Sadness and Depression

We all experience moments of sadness from time-to-time, especially in relation to a negative life event. However, mood disorders also exist that are outside the realm of normal emotional ups and downs. Clinical depression is an ongoing state of sadness or despair that is far more extreme than the person's circumstances would suggest. Clinical depression can go on for months or years, leaving the individual unable to live a normal life.

What is Unemployment Depression?

Many people experience financial hardships, job losses, medical expenses, and other challenges relating to making a living in this complex world. In fact, unemployment depression is a form of clinical depression that relates to a job loss or inability to have access to suitable income on an ongoing basis.

Detecting Signs of Depression

There are many reasons for the development of depression in relation to one's employment status. For some people, the development of a substance abuse issue may result in poor job performance or loss of employment. For others, a job loss or economic slump may result in the desire to abuse addictive substances, only making the complex issue even worse. In either case, you need to be aware of the following signs of unemployment depression:

Inability to Meet Obligations

Those struggling with depression may not be able to perform important obligations such as caring for their home or children.

Feelings of Doom and Gloom

People who have clinical depression often face an extreme sense of doom. Moreover, they experience incredible despair and do not feel that there is a solution to their problems.

Anxiety Attacks

Depression and anxiety often occur together. Therefore, those struggling with unemployment depression may also experience anxiety attacks that severely limit their productivity.

Lack of Desire for Personal Care

People with depression also often lack an interest in taking care of themselves. They may forgo brushing their teeth, showering, or consuming healthy meals.

Helping Your Depressed Loved One

If you are searching for depression treatment near Seattle WA, you likely have a family member that is experiencing mental illness or addiction. If this is the case, take heart that you are not alone in your struggles. Specifically, there are many treatment facilities that want to help you get your life back on track. Continue to show moral support for your loved one as you work together to find the right rehab setting for your needs. For example, the best centers will include treatments such as:

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Don't let an addiction or mental health condition to keep you from reaching your goals. You can overcome unemployment depression by seeking professional help. Call 425-275-8600 to find out how The Clearing can get you start on the path to healing.


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