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More Than Willpower: Conquering Alcohol Dependence

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Man Struggling with Alcohol Dependence

If you could just stop drinking, you would’ve by now. So, why don’t people understand that you quitting is difficult? More importantly, what can you do to overcome your alcohol dependence? The answer is simple. You need more than just willpower, you need professional help.

Make the Commitment to Quit

It’s surprising how much power you have by admitting your drug problem. Some call it “hitting rock bottom.” In reality, this is accepting the necessity to quit. Follow through on your commitment by purging your home of alcohol and drinking paraphernalia.

Additionally, plan for a stay away from home. When you seek professional help for substance abuse, you benefit tremendously by living at the facility. Not only will you attend therapy sessions, you’ll also boost your self-esteem with group interactions.

Get Help with Overcoming an Alcohol Dependence

You’ll begin rehab with a medical alcohol detox. During this time, you’ll withdraw from the drug while medical professionals monitor your progress. They’ll step in if you’re in danger of suffering physical or mental complications. Also, they’ll help you stay comfortable throughout the process.

After you successfully break physical alcohol dependence, you’ll need to conquer the mental addiction. Substance abuse programs at rehab facilities help you achieve the recovery you’re looking for. They help you:

  • Examine core issues that make you more susceptible to an addictive personality
  • Deal with past traumatic experiences that still affect you
  • Overcome a mental health condition and substance abuse with dual diagnosis treatment
  • Attain a level of personal accountability that prepares you for relapse prevention

In the process of getting help, you learn skills that prepare you for addiction-free life. In the past, every thought and desire revolved around drinking. Ultimately, you scheduled your day so you could continue drinking. Even if it’s possible to remove the drug from your home, re-learning how to live without it is far more important.

You’ll still have to deal with the triggers that tempt you. However, when you work through these problematic motivators, you’ll be much better at avoiding them. Moreover, you’ll learn how to deal with the triggers before they overwhelm you.

Getting Help for Your Drinking Problem

Above all, getting help is possible at a treatment facility. At The Clearing, we treat a broad range of substance abuse problems and addictive behaviors that affect people of all ages. Today is the day to overcome your drinking problem. Call 425-275-8600 now for immediate assistance.

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