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Characteristics of the Rehab Seattle Residents Need

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The drug rehab Seattle residents need for sobriety

The typical rehab Seattle residents know includes a 12 Step component. However, for many, this configuration of steps and affirmations doesn’t work. Fortunately, an alternative configuration offers hope.

What’s an Alternative to the 12 Step Process?

The average 12 Step setting has a drop-in policy. People come and go, and there’s no real cohesion to the group. Everyone tries to do their best, but some individuals just can’t get into the swing of things. They either leave or monopolize the group’s time.

There’s now a different rehab Seattle residents can experience. It involves a 12 Steps alternative. Rather than entering and leaving existing groups, people start and finish together. There’s a definite progression to the curriculum.

A major focal point is the ability to develop self-counseling strategies. Doing so benefits individuals with a dual diagnosis as well as those without co-occurring mental health conditions. Non 12 step rehab centers still offer many of the treatments and amenities you would expect from other facilities.

What to Expect from the Rehab Seattle Residents Need When 12 Step Programs Don’t Work for Them

You’re still able to live at the treatment facility and enjoy an immersive therapeutic environment. Other modalities include:

  • Individualized counseling grounded in Spiritual Psychology
  • Group therapy that welcomes peers who started rehab at the same time as you
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment that help people with co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Trauma treatment for individuals who are dealing with unresolved situations from their past
  • Opportunities for hands-on therapy that enable you to find new structures for your days
  • Attention to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological planes of self with appropriate treatments for each
  • Relapse prevention training that includes a return to the program if needed

At the heart of a 12 steps alternative approach is the idea that you’re in the driver’s seat of your recovery. Instead of imploring a higher power for help, you acknowledge your responsibility for starting the habit. Next, you work with a therapist to uncover what caused your drug use in the first place. Some may learn that they self-medicated because of intrusive thoughts.

Some people realize that they’re in a codependent relationship that makes drug use a part of the dynamic. Others find out that they may be dealing with an underlying mental health condition they didn’t know they had. No matter what your reason for using may be, it’s also the starting point of your recovery.

Take the Reigns of Your Recovery

If you’re currently dealing with the vicious cycle of addiction, there’s hope. You don’t have to continue using and risking your health. The caring therapists at The Clearing want to collaborate with you on your recovery. Call 425-275-8600 today to learn more about our substance abuse programs.


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