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How to Find High-Quality Residential Addiction Treatment Centers

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The best residential treatment centers offer comprehensive addiction therapy

Have you battled with addiction off and on throughout your life? If so, you’re undoubtedly familiar with various types of residential addiction treatment centers. However, do you know what separates the high-quality ones from the rest? Typically, it pays to look at what the therapists focus on—and for how long.

Getting to Underlying Core Issues

After undergoing a comprehensive medical detox program, the next step is to choose amongst a variety of residential addiction treatment centers. However, not every facility offers the same treatment approaches. Also, not every therapeutic setting yields the same results.

Case in point is how residential addiction treatment centers address underlying core issues.

The underlying issues refer to the "why" of drug addiction. During treatment, therapists work with program participants to recognize the trigger event or person that resulted in their decision to use. Because this juncture identifies the beginning of a breakdown in decision-making, getting back to it becomes instrumental for healing. For trauma to be present, it doesn’t have to meet everyone else's definition of traumatic events – only yours.

High-Quality Residential Treatment Centers Dig in With You to Get to the Why

Unfortunately, sometimes a therapist stops too early in the pursuit of the core issues. Recognizing these issues and incorporating strategies for change is the key to sustainable healing. The best substance abuse programs go to great lengths to arrive there. 

Against the backdrop of this level of therapeutic intervention, you experience healing and recovery. Combine the thoroughness of the treatment with the kind, judgment-free attitude of experts, and you have an environment of trust. It’s easy to open up to the therapists and explore negative patterns in your behaviors and attitudes. Because everyone wants to see you succeed, this treatment approach works.

The Right Addiction Treatment Can Change Your Life

You probably tried the made-up, arbitrary rules of other residential treatment centers before. You may have found them disrespectful, superficial, and micromanaging. This setup isn’t a way to help people to heal. Instead, you want to catch the vision that a therapist has for your life and then pursue it with all your energy.

How The Clearing Stands Out Amongst Other Residential Treatment Centers in WA

If you're stuck in an addiction lifestyle, you know that the vicious cycle zaps every ounce of your energy. Getting out can be as simple as a quick phone call to the friendly therapists at The Clearing. Located on the secluded San Juan Island in Washington State, we offer:

  • 120 hours of counseling to ensure that therapists meet all of your needs
  • Residential rehab that lets you live at the facility and participate in all the activities your peers do
  • Focus on attaining emotional stability, which sometimes suffers because of a substance abuse problem
  • Comprehensive treatment focus that includes mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs
  • Spiritual Psychology applications that include positive self-talk and perception checking

See how we stand out among residential treatment centers in WA and throughout the country. Dial 425-275-8600 now for immediate assistance.

For a comprensive guide to choosing the right treatment center, download this FREE eBOOK:

Gregg Makuch

This post was written by Gregg Makuch

Gregg helps get the word out about The Clearing. When he’s not riding his bike and enjoying the beauty of the San Juan Islands, Gregg loves to cook and spend time with his family.

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