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What Is Failure to Launch Syndrome?

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what is failure to launch syndrome

Entering adulthood isn't easy. Some people struggle with this process, which is a problem that experts call failure to launch syndrome. However, what is failure to launch syndrome, and what can people do about it? The more that people know about this problem, the easier that it is to deal with.

Exactly What Is Failure to Launch Syndrome?

When learning what is failure to launch syndrome (FLS), it's important to know that it isn't an official diagnosis. Instead, it's a term that experts use to describe young adults who struggle to transition into adulthood. Most notably, people use this term for young adults who fail or refuse to leave home and support themselves.

People who struggle with FLS don't appear to mature in an appropriate way for their age. Often times, others can see the onset of FLS because the young adults reach certain milestones slower than others. For instance, they might not get a job or driver's license for years after the average young adult.

Keep in mind that FLS doesn't just include people who never leave home. It also refers to those who attempt to leave home but move back in with their parents shortly after. They struggle to sustain their own lives without help.

What Causes FLS?

Several factors can cause FLS. Sometimes they're the direct result of the parents. Enabling certain behaviors is one of the most common causes. In an effort to make their children's lives easier, the parents rob them of age-appropriate challenges.

Missing out on these challenges causes low-self esteem and poor self-regulation. Healthy social and coping skills are necessary components that young adults need to successfully make it on their own.

Sometimes, FLS develops as a result of another problem. Substance abuse and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are examples. In such cases, young adults need to deal with the underlying issues. For substance abuse, residential rehab is a good solution.

Symptoms of FLS

Before someone can seek help for FLS, they need to know how to spot it. People don't usually spot it until an adult fails to make it on their own. With that said, they can look for signs before it becomes a full-blown problem, including low motivational levels and poor work performance.

Let Us Provide You With Support

At The Clearing, we provide support for people who struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues. Using our dual diagnosis program, we can address FLS that has developed as a result of substance abuse. Our program offers over 120 hours of intensive counseling. Some of the other programs that we offer include:

Don't let FLS keep you from living your life to the fullest. Learn more about what is failure to launch syndrome and how we can help. Reach out to us today at 425-275-8600.

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