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Free eBook: Supporting A Loved One Struggling with Addiction

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spouse struggling with alcohol addictionIf you’ve just realized that your loved one has an addiction, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed by the ramifications of the news. You may struggle just to get through your days, and that’s entirely understandable. After all, you’re coping with many practical concerns, from treatment options to family finances to insurance coverage.

But perhaps in quiet moments you also feel a deep sense of pain, loss, and isolation. This, too, is normal. When a loved one is in the midst of an active addiction, they probably aren’t offering the kind of support and companionship you’d like to receive from them. 

As such, feelings of isolation and loneliness begin to build up for you. You may start to think that no one else understands what you’re going through, or that you don’t deserve help and support because you’re not the one with an active addiction. But that’s simply not the case.

When your loved one is dealing with an addiction, it’s imperative that you receive the connection, support, and resources you need to effectively care for yourself and your family. That’s why we created this free eBook, Supporting A Loved One Struggling With Addiction.

The book gives you a step-by-step guide to navigating the reality of your loved one’s addiction, covering essential topics such as …

  • How to Know If Someone You Love is Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol (misconceptions, reality checks, and warning signs)
  • The Bad News & Good News About Addiction (and how to tell whether your spouse needs treatment)
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Supporting a Loved One with Addiction (practical tips to avoid common pitfalls, set boundaries, and promote healing)
  • Treatment Options and Resources (and what specific treatment model makes most sense for your family member)

Download your free copy of our eBook, Supporting A Loved One Struggling With Addiction:

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Caroline McGraw

This post was written by Caroline McGraw

In addition to her work as "the voice of The Clearing", Caroline Garnet McGraw writes about trading perfectionism for possibility at A Wish Come Clear. Visit and receive your free Perfectionist Recovery Toolkit today!

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