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Financial Distress Due to Substance Abuse

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financial distress

Substance abuse can feel like a losing battle. The desire for a drug or alcohol of choice overpowers the person’s judgment. With addiction, they lose self-control and reject responsibility for anything other than the next high. This can create severe consequences in their life. They may suffer health problems, get in trouble with the law and face financial distress.

Who Loses in Substance Abuse Addiction?

Health and relationships impacted by addiction only tell part of the story going on in a person’s life. Not only does the person pay a heavy price, but family members also suffer. Money spent on buying drugs and/or alcohol takes away from household needs.

There is also a significant cost to society. Contributing factors include lost productivity, unpaid health care expenses, drug and depression treatment program needs, housing drug offenders, and drug-related efforts by law enforcement.

Addiction and Financial Distress

The economics of substance abuse is an expensive price to pay. Even maintaining a moderate drug habit year after year costs thousands of dollars. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol drains the bank account. The havoc this causes increases as the person needs more to get a desired effect.

A person’s loss of reasoning abilities compounds the complications their addiction causes. Money often comes from savings accounts, education funds or other living expenses to pay for alcohol or drugs.

Typically, the person must scramble to find other funds to cover up their habit. This can lead to more debt.

Loss of Work Productivity Causes Financial Distress

Abusing drugs and/or alcohol can significantly reduce a person’s productivity level. They might begin calling in sick more often. The quality of their work is subpar when they manage to make it to work.

Poor performance can mean missing out on bonuses or promotions. It could even cause the person to get fired. Unemployment can become a constant cycle due to substance abuse.

More years of productivity are lost if the person gets long-term rehab or goes to prison. Returning to the workforce becomes difficult. This can cause them and their family to feel the financial impact for years to come.

Financial Distress from Increased Health Care, Insurance and Legal Fees

Troubles with finances do not begin and end with work productivity. Substance abuse reaches other areas, too. Drug or alcohol addiction can create serious health problems. Insurance premiums and medical expenses will go up to treat physical conditions.

An arrest after driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs leads to expensive legal consequences. The criminal record can haunt a person when they try to move on with their lives. Not only do they have a recorded history of addiction, but they could also lose professional licenses.

Car insurance premiums can skyrocket. They may also face out-of-pocket expenses for an attorney, fines and educational courses.

Avoid Financial Ruin with Help from The Clearing

Substance abuse treatment at The Clearing focuses on the underlying core issues that fuel your addiction. Our specially trained addiction specialists help you learn to manage difficulties through treatment such as:

Don’t let addiction leave you in financial distress. Call 425-275-8600 to learn how our admissions process begins your journey to freedom.

Clearing Staff

This post was written by Clearing Staff

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