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Is My Spouse An Alcoholic?

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Is my spouse an alcoholic

With drinking alcohol being a widely accepted part of society, it's not always easy to recognize problem drinking. After all, some people find it amusing to have one too many. If you're married to someone who you think has a drinking problem, however, it's not funny at all. Have you asked yourself, is my spouse an alcoholic after one hangover too many?

Is My Spouse an Alcoholic? How to Know

Alcohol abuse affects more than the person drinking. In fact, it touches everyone around them, including their spouse and surrounding family. Alcoholism damages families, even though many people struggling with it don't want this to happen. However, they're not in control of their drinking — instead, alcohol is controlling them.

If you're wondering, is my spouse an alcoholic, see if you recognize the signs, For example, these include:

  • An inability to control or stop drinking
  • Withdrawing from you and other family members
  • Often drinks alone
  • Gets defensive when you express concerns about their drinking
  • Increased tolerance for alcohol
  • An inability to function without alcohol

Your spouse may not exhibit all of these signs, but if their drinking affects your relationship or work performance, it's become a problem.

Encouraging Your Spouse to Seek Treatment

Is my spouse an alcoholic? Specifically, this is a question no one wants to ask. If you believe the answer is yes, what can you do?

You want to encourage your spouse to enter rehab. However, don't issue ultimatums or try to control them into going. It's important they make the choice for themselves. Also, avoid enabling behaviors, such as covering for your spouse or not letting them take responsibility.

In fact, watching someone you love struggle with alcohol abuse is hard. Let them know you support any efforts they make to get sober, while being firm about not accepting abusive behavior. Furthermore, you may have to stage an intervention if your spouse is reluctant to seek treatment. If you feel this is best, you might want to consult with an intervention specialist to mediate it for you.

A Second Chance Starts Now

The Clearing in San Juan Island provides addiction treatment in a non 12 step rehab program in Washington state. We're located on 64 acres of secluded property, where men and women can begin to heal on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

For example, our mental health and addiction treatment programs include:

We treat clients with severe addiction histories, as well as mental health disorders. Additionally, our staff understands the connection between mind and body health, so we work toward whole-body healing.

If drug and alcohol addiction impacts you or your spouse, the right treatment can help. Call us at 425-678-3566 to win the battle against addiction and regain control of your life.


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