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International Survivor of Suicide Day

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international survivor of suicide day

Millions of people affected by suicide loss observe International Survivor of Suicide Day each year. Through related events, you gain comfort and understanding in your trauma toward healing and hope. If you suffered suicide loss, this November 17, 2018 health observance helps you focus on what you need for a better future. If you abused drugs or alcohol before, during or after your suicide loss, you gain your hope and healing through rehab treatment.

Rehab Help for Trauma of Suicide Loss

Addiction and trauma go hand-in-hand. Until you treat your underlying trauma, such as that of suicide loss, your addiction continues spinning your life into chaos. But with the right level of care and many hours of trauma therapy, you move past your suicide trauma and other problems to a real chance of lasting sobriety.

When you abuse drug or alcohol because of life trauma, this abuse is self-medication. Self-medication only works for your first several drug doses or drinking bouts. After you enter tolerance to your drugs or alcohol, the self-medication stops and bigger problems begin. Soon, you find yourself dependent on your substances and quickly on your way to full-blown addiction.

These struggles with substance abuse affect many people going through trauma. This trauma includes that of past abuse, criminal victimization, sexual assault, suicide loss and other major life events. November 17th's International Survivor of Suicide Day events simply remind you that recovery starts with healing from the trauma. In your community and rehab treatment program, you find that healing and hope.

How International Survivor of Suicide Day Helps You Get Treatment

International Survivor of Suicide Day helps you remember you have much to live for and need to gain sobriety. After all, the person you lost to suicide would suffer the pain of seeing you in despair over their departure. You can enjoy your life again and still honor your lost family member or friend. You gain that healing in a quality rehab treatment program.

Rehab treatment also provides help for suicidal thoughts. You learn how to rebuild your hope in life. You also start achieving goals you put off as part of your mourning. Simply call your chosen rehab center to talk to an admissions or intake counselor about your trauma and need for drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

What Does Rehab Treatment Include?

Suffering trauma with addiction means you need help for both of these life problems. You must heal your trauma for hope of lasting addiction recovery. Your chosen program must offer the highest quality of rehab treatment with many hours of trauma therapy. For example, programs and services you need include:

All of these programs and services take place at The Clearing on San Juan Island, Washington. Call The Clearing at 425-275-8600 for more information about available programs. Use the power given to you as part of International Survivor of Suicide Day to move forward in your life, past your trauma and addiction.

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