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Celebrate World Mental Health Day

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world mental health day

Mental health problems don't get the attention that they deserve. There's a social stigma around them that keeps people from seeking help. Thankfully, World Mental Health Day attempts to put mental health awareness at the forefront. In celebration of the upcoming day, it's important for people to learn more about it.

What Is World Mental Health Day?

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is an event that takes place on Oct. 10 of every year. The World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) started WMHD in 1992. Since then, this event has spread across 150 countries around the world.

The goal of WMHD is to spread awareness, advocacy and education about mental health problems. By spreading knowledge, the WFMH hopes to change the social stigma around mental health problems.

WMHD Themes

In general, each WHMD focuses on a specific theme. The theme for WMHD 2014, for instance, was living with schizophrenia. "Dignity in mental health" was the theme for 2015, and "Psychological first aid" was the theme for 2016.

Last year, WHMD focused on mental health in the workplace. This year, however, the theme will focus more on young people and mental health problems. This theme is important because nearly half of all mental health disorders start before the age of 14. With that said, most of these cases go undetected for years until they manifest into greater issues.

For 2018, WHMD hopes to reach out to parents and teens who might suffer from mental health problems. The sooner that they get help, the easier that their mental health problems are to address. The WFMH believes that prevention starts with understanding.

The Link Between Mental Health and Addiction

Specifically, addiction is a disease. Studies show that once the brain develops a disorder, it's easy for it to develop more. Because of that, it's rare for people with addiction to not suffer from other underlying core issues.

Sometimes drug abuse causes the development of other mental disorders. Other times, underlying mental conditions lead to addiction. The development of addiction in this manner typically happens because people self-medicate their symptoms rather than seek professional help.

We Can Show You the Way

At The Clearing, we work hard to help people overcome addiction. We believe that beating the disease involves addressing underlying mental disorders. For this reason, we offer dual diagnosis treatment for those with mental and mood disorders. Some of the other programs that we offer include:

Let us teach you more about the importance of World Mental Health Day. Get additional information about the link between mental illness and addiction as well. Therefore, reach out to our friendly staff at 425-275-8600.


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