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What You Don't Know About Anger and Alcoholism

Alcoholism and anger go together in more ways than one. Most of us seem to know about the "angry drunk" caricature. Even caricatures can be based on truth.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 people with addiction issues have trouble controlling their anger?

It's true, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA).

But did you know that unaddressed anger can actually lead to alcoholism and addiction?

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Two Essential Things That Are Missing In Addiction Treatment

Why is it that so many people who want to recover from addiction cannot? What’s missing in addiction treatment that prevents them from healing?

Sure, there are some who enter treatment under coercion -- be it from their partner, their parents, or their parole officer. But many people who seek treatment for addiction truly want to get well.

So why don't they?

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Why Go Through Residential Addiction Treatment With a Cohort?

If you’ve never been to residential addiction treatment before, the typical experience goes like this:

  • Every day, there’s someone new checking in as someone else checks out;
  • Everyone is at different stages in there recovery process;
  • People are constantly coming and going;
  • There is very little continuity.

Even in the better programs, there’s an ongoing sense of hustle, bustle, and disruption. There is a fundamental lack of stability and security, and all of this wears on you emotionally.

Moreover, it impedes your addiction recovery process.

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How to Heal Underlying Core Issues Starting Right Now (Video)

Have you ever felt that your life would be so much better if you could just wish away your addiction and all your mental and emotional health problems?

Ever wish you could wipe away all that angst, upset, and suffering?

If only your problems would just vanish without a trace, with no effort on your part … wouldn’t that be great?

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What's the Missing Piece in Addiction Treatment? (Video)

What happens when your addiction rehab just doesn't work?

“I [did both] a 12 step program and an aversion therapy program. Both, ultimately did not work for me …. It seemed like the most important thing to them was if your insurance covered you and your check would clear.”

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Addiction and Personal Responsibility: What You Need to Know


Do you need to hang your head in shame because of the choices you made in the past, when you were in mental and emotional pain and didn’t know any other way?

Does being completely responsible for your experiences mean that every bad thing that happened to you is your fault?

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Review: The Sober Truth - Debunking the Bad Science Behind 12 Step Programs with Dr. Lance Dodes

12 Step programs have been the standard of care in both outpatient and residential addiction treatment for the better part of the last century.

But if these programs work so well, then why do we see so many people struggling to stay sober after rehab? Why do we see dismal relapse rates?

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Identifying Signs of Addiction in Your Loved One

Addiction affects more than the person struggling with drug or alcohol dependency. It can have a negative impact on loved ones as well. As a concerned friend or family member, maybe you've noticed changes in someone and you suspect drug abuse. What signs of addiction should you look out for?

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Opioids and Senior Citizens: What's the Real Story?

Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a person who is addicted to drugs? Even if you’ve heard about the opioid crisis, we’re willing to bet that you imagined a twitchy teen or a drunk twenty-something.

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How to Find High-Quality Residential Addiction Treatment Centers

Have you battled with addiction off and on throughout your life? If so, you’re undoubtedly familiar with various types of residential addiction treatment centers. However, do you know what separates the high-quality ones from the rest? Typically, it pays to look at what the therapists focus on—and for how long.

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