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How Much Does Inpatient Addiction Treatment Cost? | The Clearing

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inpatient-residential-treatment-cost-pool Some inpatient residential treatment centers offer hotel-like amenities and can cost up to $100k/mo. 

Inpatient residential treatment programs are dedicated centers or facilities where people go and "check in" for a specific period of time for addiction treatment. These differ from outpatient addiction treatment programs, which are programs and facilities that people visit on an outpatient basis while they continue to live at home and work at their job.

People needing drug rehab or alcohol rehab often benefit from being able to remove themselves from their normal world and routine for focused, restorative healing at a dedicated inpatient residential treatment program.

Inpatient addiction treatment costs vary widely. Residential treatment comes in many different versions, with varying degrees of services, programs, quality, and amenities. Accordingly, inpatient residential treatment costs range widely: from free to over $100,000 per month.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Costs: $0 - $10,000 / month

Federal, state, and local governments offer free programs as a public service. These programs are generally targeted toward people of modest means, little or no health insurance, and often include a significant number of homeless patients and court referrals. Participants may sleep in bunk beds, share a room and bath with eight to twelve others, and eat cafeteria style with over 100 people. These no or low-cost addiction treatment programs are almost always 12-Step programs.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Costs: $10,000 - $20,000/month

Private-pay and private insurance-based inpatient residential treatment programs start from $10,000 to $20,000 per month. These, too, tend to be large, institutional, 12-Step programs that often lower costs by using a small, overburdened, inexperienced staff and lower-quality accommodations and meals. They often use mental health workers who are less educated or are inexperienced interns. The patients in these treatment programs cover a broad range of the socio-economic scale and will tend to include those avoiding prosecution and/or jail by attending a program. The price looks very attractive but it is important to make sure there is a solid addiction treatment program behind the price that fits the needs of the patient and to understand the population of patients who will be attending.


Some inpatient treatment centers house patients in homes, often with shared bedrooms and bathrooms.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Costs: $20,000 - $40,000/month

Inpatient residential treatment programs priced between $20,000 and $40,000 per month begin to offer a wider variety of programs. Accommodations and meals improve and the number of total participants will often be smaller. Rooms usually will have multiple occupants and meals will often be cafeteria-style. The socio-economic scale of the average participant increases in these programs due to price of the program. The quality of the actual program varies widely so once again it is important to understand the specific details of the addiction treatment program offered. At this price range, expect most of the inpatient residential programs to be 12-Steps, though a few 12-Steps alternative programs will be available.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Costs: $45,000 - $65,000/month

Starting at about $45,000 per month, inpatient residential treatment becomes a different experience. At this price point, more 12 Steps alternatives become available and the quality of the meals improve. Generally, the client can expect to see no more than one roommate per room and there should be more individual attention and program content. If a residential treatment center is priced within this range and not providing a strong addiction treatment program and accommodations, it is time to look elsewhere.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Costs: $65,000 and up/month

Starting at $65,000 per month, inpatient treatment programs generally begin to provide private rooms and baths, individualized programs, and small groups of participants. Though the price is significant, the overriding decision point should still be based on whether the addiction treatment program is comprehensive, thorough, and aligned with the particular client.

Many inpatient residential treatment centers offer great views, hotel-like accommodations, and vacation-like activities, but lack effective and structured addiction treatment programs which are the real key to rehab and recovery. Be sure to dig deep on the program, and ask about measures of success. Oftentimes the “hard” stuff (physical building, surroundings, etc.) is easy and the “soft” stuff (addiction treatment program and modalities, process, peacefulness, loving environment, ..) is hard. Soft stuff matters the most.


Don’t confuse luxurious accommodations with a comprehensive program. 

Which inpatient residential treatment option is best for me?

Whatever your price point, it is important for you to understand the addiction treatment program thoroughly. Things like:

  • What does each day of the week look like?
  • Will I have a roommate? If so, how many?
  • Will I have a private bathroom? If not, how many people will share my bathroom?
  • What does the meal plan look like? School cafeteria-style or something fresher and more nourishing?
  • What are the payment options? Does the provider work with insurance? Financing plans?
  • How much time is allotted for individual therapy?
  • How much time on small group therapy?
  • Is it a 12-Step program or non 12-Step?
  • If it's a 12-Step program, how many AA meetings will I attend?
  • How much free time will I have?
  • Are visitors welcome?
  • What happens on weekends?

Don’t be fooled by sophisticated sounding terms or great pictures of the residential treatment facility. Be sure you understand what the inpatient experience is actually going to be while in the residential treatment program. Then you can make an informed decision on inpatient residential treatment cost and your specific situation.

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Joe Koelzer

This post was written by Joe Koelzer

Joe Koelzer is a co-founder of The Clearing. He has years of counseling experience and a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. After observing how depression and substance abuse impacted his wife’s life, Joe realized how broken our current system is for addiction and related mental health treatment. He witnessed firsthand how an evidence-based approach coupled with Spiritual Psychology saved Betsy and enabled her to gain control of her life. In co-founding The Clearing, Joe realizes his dream of creating and sharing this innovative approach with others in a structured clinical setting.

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