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Understanding the Schick Shadel Method and Counter Conditioning

What exactly is the Schick Shadel method and counter conditioning? Does it work to treat addiction? What are the pros and cons? 

Counter conditioning (also known as aversion therapy) focuses on training the brain to avoid alcohol or drugs through negative associations.

Schick Shadel Hospital in Seattle pioneered this methodology, and the facility is one of the foremost counter conditioning practitioners.

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Addiction Treatment Modalities: Which Ones Really Work?

If you’re seeking treatment for an addiction, you probably already know that there’s a lot of spin involved in the rehab industry.

The number of different addiction treatment modalities has increased dramatically. It can be difficult to discern the differences and distinguish the programs that are worth your time and money.

Second in a series. See the first post as well - Treatment Modalities, Part 1: What Are My Options?


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Addiction Treatment Modalities, Part 1: What Are My Options?

If you’ve begun researching the different types of residential addiction treatment programs only to find yourself confused and overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

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