The Clearing Residential Treatment Center

Learn more about our unique approach to healing issues at their core.

Innovative Inpatient Residential Treatment

Each Participant receives over 120 hours of workshops, group and individual counseling over the course of the 28-day Program. Graduates will depart having mastered counseling skills they can apply and continue to use over the course of their lives to address challenges with addiction, depression, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions.

A Changed Life

Co-founder Betsy Koelzer describes her personal challenges with drugs and alcohol and how she finally healed and regained control of her life.

Non 12 Steps Recovery Program

The Clearing is a 12 Steps alternative inpatient treatment program. Our Program is one of empowerment and personal responsibility – absolutely free of shame and guilt.  We teach Participants to work with mainstream psychological strategies and counseling techniques blended with the Principles of Spiritual Psychology to address underlying issues at their core.

Our Story

In December 2011 the three Founders began working together to create the program that has now become The Clearing. We are familiar with the rehab industry and its weaknesses from personal experience.… read more.

Addiction Treatment Guarantee

Unlike the vast majority of residential treatment centers, The Clearing provides an addiction treatment guarantee. We’re extremely confident you’ll see results and truly alter your life.

Insurance Accepted | Scholarship and Financing Options

We work with insurance experts to aggressively get as much as possible from your insurance plan. We also offer a generous scholarship program and other financing options. Call us about your specific situation. Learn more about residential treatment pricing & options.

Spiritual Psychology

Spiritual Psychology is our healing approach. It is a set of Principles, Basic Skills, and strategies that can profoundly alter one’s life. We focused on creating a program that we knew with certainty, having witnessed its transformational effects in both our own lives and the lives of countless others, would provide the best opportunity for our Participants to profoundly heal. The result is a truly unique program.

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The Clearing is located 75 miles north of Seattle on 64 beautiful acres on San Juan Island, WA.