The Best Addiction Recovery Program You've Never Heard Of

What would you think about an addiction recovery program that has an 80%+ success rate? Compared to 5-10% success rates of typical 12-Step treatment programs, this number is extraordinary. If you're like most, you're probably interested in learning more about how an addiction recovery program can achieve such amazing results.

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The Connection between Alcoholism and Anger

Did you know alcoholism and anger go together? For those suffering from alcoholism or addiction, do you want to let go of your self-defeating patterns and change your life for the better? If so, here’s something you might not have considered: connecting with your own buried anger.

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Is There A Positive Aspect From Addiction?

If the title of this post gave you pause, you’re not alone. The idea that there is a positive purpose to any part of your addiction likely flies in the face of what you’ve been taught about recovery.

You’ve probably heard a lot of shaming messages about your addiction, so the idea that there may be something positive may feel strangely subversive. But we invite you to consider the possibility...  

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Do I Really Need Spirituality in Recovery?

Do I really need God to get sober?

Maybe and maybe not. But we've found connecting with spirit to be a profoundly moving and transformational approach for the healing of addiction as well as hopelessness and depression.

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What's Wrong with Addiction Rehab: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

It’s no secret that the addiction rehab space is riddled with problems: "Counselors with little education and less oversight are using outdated and sometimes harmful techniques; there are no national standards for credentialing or training counselors and most treatment centers, even those with extensive financial resources, do not always use best practices.”

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How We Created the Most Transformative Addiction Recovery Program in the US

“[Addiction] counselors with little education and less oversight are using outdated and sometimes harmful techniques... there are no national standards for credentialing or training addiction counselors...  "

 - TIME magazine article: Q&A: What Really Goes on In Drug Rehabs

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Treatment Modalities, Part 2: Which Ones Really Work?

If you’re seeking treatment for an addiction, you probably already know that there’s a lot of spin involved in the rehab industry.

The number of different addiction treatment modalities has increased dramatically. It can be difficult to discern the differences and distinguish the programs that are worth your time and money.

Second in a series. See the first post as well - Treatment Modalities, Part 1: What Are My Options?


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Why Medical Detox Isn't Enough to End Most Addictions

There’s a popular misconception
that just going to medical detox to clear the body of drugs or alcohol is all you need to heal your addiction.

Medical detox treats the physical but does nothing to address what caused your addiction in the first place.

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5 Reasons We May Not Be a Good Fit As Your Addiction Recovery Program

Did you know that here at The Clearing we end up working with less than 50% of all the people with speak with?

But for those we do work with, we help them transform their lives. Our success rate exceeds 80%, compared to 10% or less for some rehabs and treatment approaches.

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Addiction Treatment Modalities, Part 1: What Are My Options?

If you’ve begun researching the different types of residential addiction treatment programs only to find yourself confused and overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

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