Why Our Rehabilitation Center Uses Spiritual Psychology

Overcoming addiction is no easy feat, and seeking a facility with a comprehensive approach is often best for you or your loved one’s recovery. At The Clearing in San Juan Island, WA., we use therapies grounded in Spiritual Psychology to help individuals embrace change.

Understanding Spiritual Psychology

Group Discovering the Benefits of Spiritual PsychologyYou may be asking, “What is Spiritual Psychology?” With origins of Spiritual Psychology dating back to the early 20th century, we’ve found this method to be an effective approach to overall healing. As a form of psychology, it involves individual talk therapy between patient and therapist. Spiritual Psychology builds on elements of traditional psychology, which focuses on mental, emotional and physical health. True to its name, Spiritual Psychology introduces the spiritual aspect as the fourth element.

While some people who practice Spiritual Psychology are religious, the two don’t have to be related. Spirituality is broader and more encompassing than any one religion or doctrine. Instead, it’s a set of principles that make life better and easier for all those involved.

At The Clearing, Spiritual Psychology can also address key problem issues for individuals in therapy. For example, it might help resolve underlying issues, including low self esteem or childhood trauma. Resolving these issues is critical, because they often aggravate addiction. Without resolution, these issues could lead to relapse.

Key Principles of Spiritual Psychology

The key principles of Spiritual Psychology provide the basis for our therapeutic methods. There are 21 unique principles to consider.

Some of the principles of Spiritual Psychology seek to affirm that love is at the center of the universe. Other principles point to the importance of spiritual development.

Other key principles focus on unresolved issues. Any unresolved issues are thought to be stumbling blocks. Through intensive counseling, these issues need to be resolved. At The Clearing, we help individuals resolve common issues like shame, guilt and childhood trauma.

Self-determination is also an integral part of our key treatment principles. Therapists at The Clearing reinforce the idea that you’re personally responsible for your life and your actions. Rather than reacting immediately, it’s important to choose how to respond to life experiences. This is particularly helpful in addiction recovery, when personal responsibility is a key issue.

Skills Obtained Through Spiritual Psychology

The objective of Spiritual Psychology is to impart a range of basic skills to patients. With these skills in hands, patients will be equipped for recovery.

One of these skills is being able to see the good in others. This makes it easier to accept help during recovery. Similarly, patients will learn to listen to others and avoid judgement.

Other skills relate to communication. Patients will learn how to share in a completely open and honest way. In addition, patients can learn how to ask friends and family open-ended questions. Together, these skills further bonding and true communication between peers.

Another vital skill learned in Spiritual Psychology is how to identify and resolve issues. At the same time, patients are taught that even issues can be sources of learning.
Finally, Spiritual Psychology discusses skills similar to cognitive behavioral therapy. These skills focus on positive self talk. In addition, they emphasize personal responsibility and the importance of reflection rather than rash action.

Our Rehabilitation Center's Spiritual Counseling Strategies

At our rehabilitation center, we employ a wide range of Spiritual Psychology counseling strategies. Having lots of options means more opportunity to make progress. A comprehensive approach is often best.

A few of the programs offered in Spiritual Psychology include the following:

  • Object relations and childhood issue resolution
  • Behavioral or reality therapy
  • Psychosynthesis, or living in the present
  • Core transformation
  • Self counseling

Overcoming addiction is hard, and it requires addressing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Discover how therapists and counselors at The Clearing can use Spiritual Psychology to help you or your loved one embrace recovery.




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