How We're Different:

Over 120 Hours of Counseling

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The Clearing provides the equivalent of over two years of uniquely personal counseling in 28 days.

We often have Participants who've been to other residential treatment programs before report that they received 1-4 hours of individualized counseling during their stay.

We believe it takes a tremendous investment in counseling to truly and fully address the issues which require attention.

You are respectfully and compassionately facilitated as you direct sessions deeply into the areas of your life that need attention.

You’re never told how you should feel or what you should do. You're the expert on you. Our job is to facilitate and empower you as you heal; discovering and overcoming the obstacles which have prevented you from manifesting the life of your heart's desire!

There’s no Dr. Phil here!

Quantity and Quality

During your stay here you'll have:
  • Up to three individual counseling sessions per week
  • Three group sessions per week
  • 96 hours of workshop focused on you and your issues, concurrently teaching the counseling skills and strategies you'll use over the rest of your life as you keep your life in balance
  • Extra hours of informal counseling as issues and questions arise organically

All counseling is uniquely personal, there is no 'group' approach to you.

You are perceived as a respected and unique individual who's path is specific only to you, therefore there is no 'filler,' no canned videos and lectures on topics unrelated to what brought you here. 

You're the Expert on You

No one knows your issues, your pain, your trauma or your obstacles to the life you desire better than you.

In this unique and entirely client-centered modality, you are considered the expert on you. 

The extraordinary self-awareness and healing available to you will come through your commitment and willingness to approach your process honestly, authentically and with an open heart and mind.

It's our job, prior to your admittance, to fully assist you in understanding this Program, answering your questions until you're fully assured The Clearing is the right choice for you.

And if we aren't the right fit for you, we'll make sure you have the best resources available to find the program exactly right for you.

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