Trauma Treatment

Recovery from Divorce, Loss of Loved One, and Other Traumatic Events

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Have you experienced a life-changing trauma event for which you were completely ill-prepared?

Traumatic events arrive under many filters in our lives. Our personal experience of the effects of death, divorce or the loss of one’s station can simply defy categorization.

“Why me? Am I being punished? Could it have been avoided?” 

Unique in every circumstance, the effects can range from catastrophically paralyzing to traumatically destabilizing. The impact cannot be underestimated. In these situations, one may need great care to become restored. 

In Trauma Treatment, trauma does not need to meet any third party definition of trauma in order to be traumatic.  The only thing that matters is that it was traumatic to you.

The Clearing’s unique residential holistic treatment center effectively addresses trauma treatment of such things as:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a loved one, job, career, prestige, and/or direction
  • Cancer or serious Illness
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional and/or Sexual Abuse
  • As well as other life-changing situations…

Our Trauma Treatment teaches counseling strategies which can provide healing to traumatic events.

Trauma Treatment at The Clearing

Trauma Treatment at The Clearing includes learning how to work with the emotional aspects inside that went through the trauma and helping them to feel safe and loved.  We will show you how to do this work and then support you in a very safe, loving, healing and respectful environment as you do the work for yourself. 

Once the emotional work is done, we will then assist you in healing the mental level issues as well by working with the judgments you are caring around the situation and assist you in releasing these judgements.

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