How We're Different:


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The Clearing is the only residential treatment program in the country which offers a consecutive 28-day program to a small cohort of 10 people.

This profound departure from the traditional residential treatment model may be the single most significant benefit to our Participants. 

In the traditional inpatient residential treatment model, clients / patients are received and discharged daily as individual sessions complete at random intervals.

The reality for the individual is that other people are coming and going throughout the session, roommates change, relationships are disrupted, and progress is interrupted as new faces arrive and depart.

It's distracting, destabilizing, and though it may be an efficient and profitable business model, it is arguably not the best healing model from the individual's perspective.

At a time when trust and confidence needs a strong foundation, an environment that cultivates a feeling of safety, stability, and continuity is essential. 

Once we fill and begin our Program, admissions are closed and no one will enter your program until your session is complete.

Advantages of the Cohort Model

The most significant advantage to the cohort model is that we can actually present a full 28-day 'Program.'

A progressively building, intellectually stimulating curriculum, daily introducing new concepts and integrating and mastering an astounding body of work in a structured manner.

Further, this means everyone is on the same page at the same time, progress is cohesive and consistent and the group progresses together.

A powerful experience of trust, confidence, friendship and community builds uninterrupted becoming a powerhouse of focused, motivated individuals working together with the common purpose of learning and healing at an accelerated pace.

Challenges of the Cohort Model

We understand waiting for a session to begin presents unique challenges for those seeking to attend our Program.

Frankly it presents challenges for us as well. It's a difficult business model to implement.

We do it for one reason: it works.

For Participants, waiting to enter a residential treatment program can be difficult. This industry promotes the belief that "once a person is willing to enter treatment they must admit immediately before they change their mind."

Further, they would have you believe your situation is a crisis and you must act quickly. 

While, indeed, you may be facing a present crisis, consider for a moment that you are likely dealing with a condiditon that may have existed for years.

This is the time to take steps to stabalize your present situation, take a breath and find the space to make the absolute best choice you can for your circumstance.

We all know making important decisions in a panic can have frustrating reprecussions. Going to treatment consumes your time, your hope and your financial resources and you deserve the opportunity to make a thoughtful and informed choice, not easy when your present circumstance may be one of fear, panic and desperation.

There are details which require your attention prior to beginning our Program, even though there may be a wait, you'll be using this time productively. You'll spend that time conducting research, planning logistics, and making arrangements with your family and possibly work colleagues to be away for 28 days. You and your family will need time to look into insurance / financial details. Many that come to The Clearing also may need a 5-10 medical detox to safely rid the body of substances.

There will also be other details based upon your specific situation - but we're here to help every step of the way!

In terms of our Program, entering in a state of extreme crisis isn't ideal.

If a person's decision to enter treatment is so fragile they may change their mind, our Program wouldn't be a good fit. 

The structure, focus, committment and profound results this Program delivers requires Participants to be absolutely committed to final and lasting change.

People arrive at this point in their own time and we understand and respect this deeply personal process and are here to respectfully help you evaluate your situation.

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