How We're Different:

Safe, Loving, Respectful Environment

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To be honest, everything we considered as we created The Clearing was carefully and thoughtfully designed to be the exact opposite from what I experienced in the two addiction treatment facilities I attended in the late '90s.

The first was a large, pack ‘em in facility in Texas.  With over 100 people, the large majority didn't want to be there or were court ordered to be there.

The second residential treatment facility was the height of luxury in Malibu, CA.

Neither had anything to offer that would help me with my recovery and depression.

I attended each of these programs to get help.  I drove and flew myself, determined to take complete responsibility for doing whatever it took to change my life. Joe and I, at the time married 20 years, gave them our hope, money, and trust based on some pretty good marketing and people who would say just about anything to get me signed up.

And I got worse.

I almost died from the realization that though I'd tried everything I could - the love of Joe, my family, counseling, psychotherapy, countless AA meetings, support groups, hypnosis, acupuncture, self-help books and an epic dedication to the 12-step program (evidenced by every page of my Big Book dog-eared, highlighted in five colors plus margin notes).

Nothing worked.  And I lost hope.

I caught a break and at rock bottom, through thunderous skepticism, conceded to try one of the counseling strategies we teach at The Clearing.

And it was over.

To my astonishment and relief, I experienced a way I knew was going to work for me.  What I needed most was hope, and I got it.  Though I didn't yet know what to make of the experience, I absolutely knew I had found the path. 

And the first-hand education of how important it is to provide a worthy program and respectful, safe, and compassionate experience to people entrusting you with their care.

Who Wouldn't Be Anxious?

Anxious at the thought of entering an addiction recovery program?  Well, of course.

You're going to be away from home, you won't have your phone 24/7, you'll be around new people when you'd rather be alone in a dark room with Nefflix and a bag of Doritos. 

You have a different bed, different schedule and though our food is awesome, you didn't get to decide what's for dinner.  Plus you're sober.  Could it get any better?

It’s understandable to feel vulnerable and nervous.  We’re well aware of what a monumental decision it is to take this step and the last thing you need to be concerned about is whether you’ll be comfortable and well cared for.

On our end, we do everything we can from the moment you arrive to welcome and host you with respect, generosity and compassion. 

We'll be treating you as a guest in our home.

It's An Honor You Chose The Clearing

This Program is for responsible, mature individuals who appreciate a respectful atmosphere, and understand it takes everyone to create and maintain one.

We don’t have intrusive rules, we don’t need them and we have no desire to micromanage your life.

You'll experience meaningful, authentic and joyful sessions; extraordinary people capitalizing on the relief and exhilaration of finally finding something they know will work.

The excitement builds by knowing, through your own personal experience each day, that life is changing and changing fast; and put simply, it feels good to feel good.

It’s our job to prove this program works. We start on the first day.

Come join us.


Betsy Koelzer
Co-founder, The Clearing