How We're Different:

A Teaching Program

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We always say, "the dog dies or the girlfriend or boyfriend leaves."

This is shorthand for the reality that as life continues rolling along, something challenging will arise that needs attention. So we take this opportunity, to not only offer an extraordinary counseling experience to resolve and heal the issues which brought you here, but also to teach you the skills and tools you’ll need to take care of yourself as your life continues to unfold.

What we know about you now?

man-in-mirror-dual-diagnosis-addiction-rehabThat when life brings the moment of "I can’t stand the way I feel in my skin," you have one and only one thing you can do to back those feelings down to a manageable level. It’ll work right now and it’ll work every time. You can use a substance or act out in an unhealthy manner.

But that doesn’t mean you’re broken.

Or lack willpower, courage, commitment or the intellect for a different choice.

It just means presently you have one thing that works.

Our job is to replace that "one thing" with seven profound skills you’ll experience to the point of mastery while you’re here. You’ll learn how to address any issue and care for yourself when the need arises and be able to bring your life back into center in seconds to 20 minutes.

We all better be able to make time for that.

Look Who's In Control: You

Imagine having the ability to bring your life back into center, rebalance from any upset, by yourself. You’ll be able to choose from tools you’ve learned and mastered and have absolute confidence you can understand and resolve your upset quickly.

Powerless? No.

Life can’t be dependent on your next counseling session.

Personal responsibility is the willingness to address upset in your life, understand what’s happening and why, and resolve what has you out of center.

There’s no more powerful feeling than knowing you have everything you need to take care of yourself.

When you complete this program, you’ll not only be at peace with the challenges of your past, but you’ll have all the skills and experience you need to be an extraordinary counselor for you.

There is no greater gift you can give to yourself and those who love you – than you.

With the tools you learn here you re-enter your life whole and changed at your core. You’ll have relationship skills, communication skills and an inner peace and love for yourself that profoundly changes your relationship with your world and those in it.

It’s not a 28-day program. It’s a "rest of your life" program.

Are you done in 28 days? Yes, this program is organized and presented so that at the end of 28 days you’ve had ample time to heal the issues you bring forward here and master the skills you need to care for yourself going forward.

It takes a huge commitment from all of us to use your time effectively. This program is in session six days a week.

But at the conclusion of our program it’s time to go put what you’ve learned into practice and you’ll be excited to do just that. We’ll be actively supporting you for ten weeks in AfterCare as you continue using the skills you learned here.

Remember - if you want something this big, you’ll have to work it and maintain it. You bathe, eat, watch the news, walk the dog and yes – a few moments of your day will be used to stay tuned into yourself.

The change available to you is astounding. That’s enough motivation for most of us.

But we’ll tell you up front, there isn’t a day that goes by that Joe and I don’t personally use a tool we teach here. Each day, every day. We want the life we know we can create, we want the relationship we know we can maintain, and we have the tools and skills to keep our lives in balance in the face of the daily adventures of life, marriage, and running a business together.

All the best,
Betsy Koelzer
Co-founder, The Clearing