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The Surgeon General's Report on Addiction

photo credit: Keoni Cabral

In November 2016, the Surgeon General made history by releasing an in-depth report on addiction in the United States. 

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy compares this report to the milestone Surgeon General report on the dangers of smoking, which was published in 1964.

The new report states that over 20 million Americans are addicted to drugs, but only about 10% are receiving any sort of addiction treatment. Get the full summary here.

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7 Ways to Deal with Addiction During the Holidays

If the thought of spending time with your family this holiday causes you to feel anxious and apprehensive, does that makes you ... a very bad person?

Actually, it makes you human.

If you’re feeling stressed about family time with a loved one who has an addiction, you aren't the only one.

How do you deal with your loved one's addiction during the holidays without stepping on land mines and having things flame out of control?

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America's Escalating Opioid Crisis

Deaths from opioids - both prescription painkillers and heroin - have gone up 200% (3x) since 2000. Heroin and synthetic opioids - such as fentanyl - have seen big spikes of almost 5x during this period, driving the crisis.

The tragic death of Prince is just the latest high-profile casualty of the escalating opioid crisis.

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What the Death of Prince Says About Our Escalating Opioid Crisis

By Dr. Scott Alpert

The world continues to mourn the untimely death of Prince, who died of an accidental overdose of the synthetic opioid fentanyl, according the medical examiner's report. How did this happen? What may have led to this? What does this say about our escalating opioid crisis?

Just like the tragic, senseless addiction-related deaths of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Cory Monteith, we're left to wonder why another talent was taken so soon.

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Don't Make These Resolutions When Seeking Recovery

Are you considering addiction treatment in the new year? Many people see the turning of the calendar as an opportunity to turn their life around and finally get control back. That's great, but often the process of researching and thinking about what addiction recovery program may work for you often gets clouded by things that ultimately don't matter much. Here's our list of 5 things to avoid as you search for the addiction recovery program that's right for you.

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Staying Clean and Sober over the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again - great food, dessert, family and friends. Good times, right? For many struggling with addiction, the holidays can be very stressful as challenges in life seem to raise to the surface. And often what we feel instead of peace and joy, is anxiety, sadness, regret and depression.

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Mental Health Taboos and Memories of Robin Williams

By Dr. Scott Alpert, Director of Clinical Operations, The Clearing 

I am greatly saddened by the passing of a truly great man – Robin Williams - because I was there when he got his start. When I was in high school my buddies and I used to go to the Comedy Store in Westwood (West Los Angeles – before it moved to Sunset Blvd.) to watch the up-and-coming comedians.

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The Clearing Receives Washington Treatment Center Licensing

Newly launched innovative residential treatment center approved for addiction, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.

Our official announcement! A deep, heartfelt, loving thanks to everybody who made this possible - dozens of folks who taught and inspired us, helped get our beautiful restored farmhouse and facility up to standard, created and built our website, and pitched in on all the things a startup needs to get done. You've sacrificed as well and given us your trust and love. Thank you for all you've given. I also want to personally thank my wonderful, talented, committed and loving co-founders, Betsy and Scott. You've shown faith in Spirit when things were challenging. Together, I believe, we've created something really, really special to help people transform their lives.

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The Clearing Offers Addiction Treatment Guarantee

Newly launched innovative residential treatment center now guarantees results for addiction, substance abuse, and mental health treatment.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 18, 2014

The Clearing SPC, an innovative Washington treatment center specializing in a wide variety of addictive and limiting behaviors, today announced that it will provide a guarantee to graduates of its addiction treatment and mental health residential treatment program.

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Why We Did An Addiction Treatment Guarantee

"Refund? Refund?" - Mr. Stoller, Breaking Away

If you're familiar with this classic movie, you may remember the reaction of our hero's father when he learned his son Dave had the audacity to stand behind their product and word with regard to the used cars they sell. Dave was an idealistic, unspoiled teenager working in his dad's used car business. It seemed absolutely natural and just the right thing to do to offer customers something that worked. And if it didn't work, bring it back. This nearly caused his dear ol' dad to have a heart attack. It simply was not the way the business works, he told his son. 

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