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Caroline McGraw

Caroline McGraw
In addition to her work as "the voice of The Clearing", Caroline Garnet McGraw writes about trading perfectionism for possibility at A Wish Come Clear. Visit and receive your free Perfectionist Recovery Toolkit today!
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What Are Judgments? How Do They Relate to Addiction?

One of the most painful ways that we hurt ourselves is actually through our judgments. What are judgments and how can you turn them your way? 

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When Family Time Causes Anxiety: Coping with the Holidays (Video)


Let's face it - family can be so stressful. In the worst cases, difficult, damaged people showing up to spend time with other difficult, damaged people. Perhaps no time of year makes this more evident than the holiday season!

Yet of course, the words “difficult” and “damaged” are just our own judgments, just stories that we tell. We could also say that our families are made up of beautiful, big-hearted, and funny people. But often we need to begin the healing process by acknowledging what’s hard about family life.

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No More Shame: Self-Forgiveness Exercises to Help Free You From Addiction

Today, you should give yourself forgiveness.

Why? Because to start off, we know that judgment is self-condemnation and self-forgiveness is freedom.

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Understanding Anger: Is it Harming Your Mental Health?

Did you know that stuffing down your anger impacts your mental health?

Serious conditions associated with stuffed-down anger include depression, anxiety, addiction, insomnia, and others, according to the nation’s top mental health experts.

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What You Don't Know About Anger and Alcoholism

Alcoholism and anger go together in more ways than one. Most of us seem to know about the "angry drunk" caricature. Even caricatures can be based on truth.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 people with addiction issues have trouble controlling their anger?

It's true, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA).

But did you know that unaddressed anger can actually lead to alcoholism and addiction?

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Two Essential Things That Are Missing In Addiction Treatment

Why is it that so many people who want to recover from addiction cannot? What’s missing in addiction treatment that prevents them from healing?

Sure, there are some who enter treatment under coercion -- be it from their partner, their parents, or their parole officer. But many people who seek treatment for addiction truly want to get well.

So why don't they?

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Treating Depression: What We Can Learn From the Tragic Suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

What do the tragic suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain have in common?

Surprise and sadness, absolutely. But also indications of strong, perhaps untreated depression.

So the question is, how exactly CAN you treat severe depression?

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Why Go Through Residential Addiction Treatment With a Cohort?

If you’ve never been to residential addiction treatment before, the typical experience goes like this:

  • Every day, there’s someone new checking in as someone else checks out;
  • Everyone is at different stages in there recovery process;
  • People are constantly coming and going;
  • There is very little continuity.

Even in the better programs, there’s an ongoing sense of hustle, bustle, and disruption. There is a fundamental lack of stability and security, and all of this wears on you emotionally.

Moreover, it impedes your addiction recovery process.

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Where Do Limiting Beliefs Come From? (Video)


If you’ve been carrying around a lot limiting beliefs since childhood, does that mean that you’re doomed to stay stuck?

What are limiting beliefs anyway, and where do they come from? 

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How to Heal Underlying Core Issues Starting Right Now (Video)

Have you ever felt that your life would be so much better if you could just wish away your addiction and all your mental and emotional health problems?

Ever wish you could wipe away all that angst, upset, and suffering?

If only your problems would just vanish without a trace, with no effort on your part … wouldn’t that be great?

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