Trauma Therapy in WA

If you're abusing drugs or alcohol to deal with past traumas and to escape reality, it's time to seek help. In fact, addiction is a serious condition that will not improve on its own. Without treatment, your abusive behavior may result in great consequence, even possible death. Therefore, do yourself a favor by seeking quality trauma therapy in WA.

Trauma and Addictiontrauma therapy in WA

There are countless reasons why individuals turn to substance abuse: boredom, peer pressure, curiosity, etc. However, for others, substance abuse is an escape from hurtful or traumatic experiences. Divorce, the loss of someone you love, depression, assault, and many more life-changing events push individuals into abuse that inevitably progresses into full-blown addiction. Therefore, if you are someone who uses drugs or alcohol to lessen the pain of past tribulations, trauma therapy in WA can help.

While the sting of certain events might never fully go away, you can learn to cope with your pain in a healthier way. For example, instead of abusing drugs or alcohol, you can replace these habits with productive practices, such as meditation, exercise, and gardening. Trauma therapy in WA can show you how to put away destructive patterns of behavior and develop a more positive outlook on life.

How Trauma Therapy in WA Can Help

There are many benefits to seeking trauma therapy in WA. While you recover from substance abuse, therapy with a psychiatrist can help you work through the pain of past trauma. However, you might experience a wide range of emotions during therapy, but in the end, the process will have made you stronger.

In general, trauma therapy in WA can utilize spiritual psychology counseling strategies to help you. If you suffer from both a substance addiction and an underlying emotional disorder, dual diagnosis therapy may also be beneficial. Specifically, when two conditions exist together, dual treatment is necessary to reduce the risk of relapse. Without dual diagnosis treatment, individuals are unlikely to maintain their sobriety long-term.

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If you're ready to start working through the painful problems that feed your addiction, rehab at The Clearing in San Juan Island, Washington can help. In fact, our private, 64-acre property is actually a small working farm on a secluded island, away from the burdens of the real world. During your stay, you'll help with contributing to the success of the farm, while also working to meet your long-term recovery goals.

For example, we offer a variety of substance abuse programs and therapies, including:

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