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What Are Limiting Beliefs? Are They Holding You Back? (Video)

It might sound like a tough question, but just imagine the possibilities. What if you could let go of the thoughts, ideas, and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from your full potential?

What if you could become the person you'd like to be? What if you could get over your addiction and achieve sobriety? What's holding you back?

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The Evidence Based Treatment Center Seattle Residents Need

When you’re ready to get clean and sober, you want to ensure that you’re going to a facility with useful programs. For many years, medical professionals didn’t know how to help people who were struggling with addiction. In recent decades, the medical community has come a long way in discovering effective methods for treating addiction. The evidence based treatment center Seattle residents need will employ many of these approaches.

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Characteristics of the Rehab Seattle Residents Need

The drug rehab Seattle residents need for sobriety

The typical rehab Seattle residents know includes a 12 Step component. However, for many, this configuration of steps and affirmations doesn’t work. Fortunately, an alternative configuration offers hope.

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Addiction and Personal Responsibility: What You Need to Know


Do you need to hang your head in shame because of the choices you made in the past, when you were in mental and emotional pain and didn’t know any other way?

Does being completely responsible for your experiences mean that every bad thing that happened to you is your fault?

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The Biology of Belief: Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton (Part 1)

"That's just the way it is - it's my genes - I can't do anything about it."

Many people believe they are who they are, and that they have limited means to change their health or life direction. "It is what it is," they say, "because of my genetic makeup".

Well, maybe not.

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How Spiritual Psychology Aids Substance Abuse Treatment

You have heard of the 12 Steps. However, do you know about the substance abuse treatment that uses 21 principles instead of 12 steps? Many people struggling with deep-rooted addiction issues swear by this method. How does it work?

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The Best Addiction Recovery Program You've Never Heard Of

What would you think about an addiction recovery program that has an 80%+ success rate? If you're like most, you're probably interested in learning more about how an addiction recovery program can achieve such amazing results.

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Suicidal Thoughts—Where They Come From and How to Treat Them

Here's a sobering fact: Suicide is final.

If i get fired from my job, I’ll get another. If my wife divorces me, I can remarry. If i total my car, I’ll buy another. But suicide is game over. Permanently.

So sit on that thought for awhile.

As the rates of suicide increase, psychologists are faced with discovering more effective ways in which to deal with it.

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