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The Best Addiction Recovery Program You've Never Heard Of

What would you think about an addiction recovery program that has an 80%+ success rate? Compared to 5-10% success rates of typical 12-Step treatment programs, this number is extraordinary. If you're like most, you're probably interested in learning more about how an addiction recovery program can achieve such amazing results.

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Suicidal Thoughts—Where They Come From and How to Treat Them

Here's a sobering fact: Suicide is final.

If i get fired from my job, I’ll get another. If my wife divorces me, I can remarry. If i total my car, I’ll buy another. But suicide is game over. Permanently.

So sit on that thought for awhile.

As the rates of suicide increase, psychologists are faced with discovering more effective ways in which to deal with it.

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Understanding Anger and Addiction (video)

How do anger and addiction go together? We get this question all the time at The Clearing. They are related, and when you add stress and anxiety you get a toxic cocktail that causes many to numb out with substances and other diversions. Read more to understand how these all fit together and what you can do about it to stop the cycle.

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