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What is the Power of Intention?

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what-is-power-of-intention Image courtesy intentionradio.com

What is the Power of Intention?

Here’s the way it was described to me many years ago and I always thought it made great sense. Imagine a room in your house you haven’t entered in…. how many years? Five? Ten? Twenty? What a mess! What’s in there? It’s not hard to imagine – cobwebs, dust, old furniture you always intended to refinish, books you meant to read, clothes that no longer fit and filthy windows. What to do?

Well, how about grabbing an armful of cleaning supplies and open the door? Sweep up the dust and cobwebs, wash the windows until they sparkle and the sun pours in. Wipe down the refinish projects and decide whether we still want to do them. Sort the old books and toss the ones we have no interest in reading and that tie from 1987 has got to go. Mop the floors until they gleam. Now we can reclaim that room! Now it’s a vibrant, welcoming space with nothing but potential. Now it’s a room you can use.

So what is the Power of Intention? Intention is the most powerful force in the Universe and when properly applied can propel your life in directions you never imagined possible.

"Intention is not something you do, but something you connect to. When the change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. A truly scientific fact." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Power of Intention is an incredible story that Dr. Wayne Dyer explained so well in his book and video of the same name.

Directing your Power of Intention is a simple, yet organized process and the benefits are extraordinary. Imagine a pie where all the slices represent things to which you’ve made commitments. Some slices are big, some small, but all represent things which absorb your valuable creative energy.

Now let's explore how you can connect to and use the Power of Intention in your own life.

A 3-step Process to Uncover the Power of Intention

You can connect to the greater source and begin to fulfill the positive outcomes you desire. But you need a plan, you need to commit, you need to start, you need to do. Here's how:

  1. Creating a Current Life Scene
    This is a written, full inventory of every aspect of your life into which you have energy committed. This will include things like your health, finances, employment, family, to-do list, relationships, a commitment to read a book, paint a closet or have lunch with a friend. It’s a written brain dump – let’s get it all down on paper where we can work with it.
  2. Close Incomplete Cycles of Action
    After careful review of your list, you’ll see that there are many items which no longer hold your interest; you made the commitment in the past but simply longer have the desire to do them. I don’t care to read that book anymore, I’m not interested in having lunch with that person, my closet looks fine, no need to paint. What’s important here is that though you may have changed your mind on what you want to do, your consciousness retains that commitment and in doing so expends energy on it. Your next step is to declare these items ‘done’ and recover the energy expended by your subconscious commitment to do them and this valuable energy is then available for the things you truly care about.
  3. Create Ideal Scenes
    For each category we will assist you in creating an Ideal Scene. This is a one page document focused entirely on one of the items on your Current Life Scene. You will create, for the highest good of all concerned, what you want and how you want to feel relative to that item. For example, “I am lovingly and patiently helping my child with their home work daily” or “I am feeling strong and healthy as I eat properly to maintain my ideal weight” or “I am gracefully confident, respected and collaborative as I work with my co-workers.”

Now what? Well, sit back and enjoy the phenomenal resources of Co-Creation! You’ve cleaned house, recovered stagnant energy and been clear, focused and concise in working with the Universal Power of Intention to get what you want in life. You’ve organized your life, discarded what you don’t want and powerfully created what you do want. You have a set of Ideal Scenes which cover every aspect of your life; they are empowered by your attention and you’ll review them often. They are in fact, living documents, which together with the Universe and your intention manifest in the most remarkable ways.

Creating Ideal Scenes is just one of the many skills we teach and is a tool you’ll use for the rest of your life because it works. We invite you to join us for 28 days completely dedicated to supporting you as you learn a new way of being with yourself and your life.

What is the Power of Intention? The Power of Intention is a gift to each of us from the Universe. Come learn how you can support the change in your life you so desperately seek.

Great stuff for those who want to go deeper into the Power of Intention

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