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How to Get What You Want with Co-Creation: Ideal Scenes

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It sounds too good to be true – how to get what you want. But it is possible. One powerful tool is co-creation. Co-creation is how we describe the process of consciously creating what we want in our lives. There are three main co-creation strategies:

  1. Affirmations;
  2. Intentions; and
  3. Ideal Scenes

Please see our previous post on The Power of Affirmations. This post will focus on co-creation with Ideal Scenes. We will do another post on co-creation with Intentions.

Co-Creation: Ideal Scenes

This example represents how you might create your perfect living space.

First, picture yourself in your ideal living environment as if it already existed. What does that end state look like? Dr. Wayne Dyer calls this “beginning with the end in mind.”

How do you feel in your perfect living environment? What do you see around you? As you think of your perfect living space, you’ll want your expectations to be at least 50% believable. It’s OK to create an Ideal Scent that feels like a stretch.

Now you’re ready to create a series of Affirmations around the answers to your questions. You’ll want these Affirmations to be full of energy, alive and action-oriented. Examples might be:


  • comfortably, relaxed and nurtured in my home;
  • loving the area surrounding my home, enjoying the trees, water and wildlife;
  • full of gratitude and peace as I enjoy my beautiful surroundings;
  • completely relaxed and comfortable as I read my wonderful book in front of my beautiful fireplace;
  • feeling safe and relaxed as I sleep in my beautiful bedroom;
  • filled with gratitude, peace and love as I gently and joyfully tend to my gardens and grounds;
  • filled with peace and joy and as I look upon each furnishing that I have manifested for this house. Each item has purpose and meaning to me.

Notes on Co-Creation / Ideal Scene

  • Create a title for each Ideal Scene
  • Put your name on your Ideal Scene
  • "I AM.." in the middle of the heart symbolizes that this is your heartfelt desire
  • The lines of each spoke of your Ideal Scene attach your vision to your heartfelt desire
  • Use as many energizing and feeling words as you can. Ideal Scenes are more about the energy and feeling than the words
  • It is important to add “This or something better for the Highest Good of All Concerned.” Though you are putting forward the best things you can imagine, keep in mind you would also be delighted to accept something better if it were available to you. Allow flexibility for the Universe to bring you something different, but still within the range of what you envision.
  • Be sure to ask for what you want instead of asking for what you don’t want. For example, instead of saying “my house is not made of brick”, say what you really want, such as “my house is made of beautiful, natural wood.”
  • Avoid saying you are “seeking” or “looking” for something. These words can manifest as “seeking” or “looking”… but never finding. Claim what you really want.
  • It’s not important to type your Ideal Scenes. The only way to do an Ideal Scene wrong is not to do one.

Energizing Your Ideal Scenes

Now that you’ve created an Ideal Scene, you’ll want to keep it energized. This can be done in as many different ways as you can imagine. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Put your Ideal Scenes where you’ll see them all the time.
  2. Read them every day - out loud.
  3. Meditate and/or contemplate about them.
  4. Make poster-sized versions of them; add pictures to enhance what you want.
  5. Keep your Ideal Scenes private. In doing this you won’t have to defend your visions to others and it helps to keep the vision heartfelt rather than ego-driven.

We work with every Participant on all the co-creation strategies: Affirmations, Intentions, and Ideal Scenes. Participants create a set of Ideal Scenes which will manifest in every aspect of their lives over the next twelve months. By doing this, we can we assist them as they learn and experience how co-creation really can help them get what they really want in their lives as they move forward.

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