Lisa Erickson on Meditation and Issues That Cause Addiction for Women

Are there specific issues for women struggling with addiction?

The roots for women suffering from addiction are often emotional and/or related to trauma.

Lisa Erickson is a mindfulness and meditation expert and has devoted a lot of her career exploring this and how it specifically impacts women.

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3 Struggles Faced by Those Living with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Did you know that living with PTSD is something often discussed yet little understood? It might be used as a joke to describe a person’s reaction to seeing their grandma in a bikini. However, PTSD is not a joke, it is not lighthearted, and it is not funny.

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The Link Between Trauma and Addiction: Part 2 (Hidden Trauma)

What's the link between trauma and addiction? We’re trying to understand traumatic situations that happen in someone's life and how they may impact substance abuse or addiction. Trauma and addiction can be linked even when there is not an obvious (overt) case of trauma. This is Part 2 of our an interview with The Clearing co-founder, Joe Koelzer on the subject.

Read Part 1 here.

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