Treating Anxiety

Anxiety defined:

A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, often about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.  Anxiety can, however, be present without obvious outside stimulus, an internal wariness causing one to be extremely uncomfortable, anxious and panicked in everyday situations.

Crashing Waves of AnxietyDo you experience the paralyzing effects of unrestrained anxiety?  The panic, the absolute seizure of your senses, the debilitating loss of control which comes with emotions running rampant? Anxiety manifests physically too…. a racing heart, sweaty palms, edginess, irritability, panic, intestinal distress. Like depression, your patterns of thought don’t appear to be your own, as if some unseen force were manipulating you and your experience.

We arrive at this condition by forgetting that we live in the present. Our mind races to the future, capturing negative fantasies of worst case scenarios and bringing them forward into the present for us to live daily. We unconsciously forget that we live in the now, followed by the next now and another now. It’s these little slices of now that create our present existence. Have we ever considered that instead of thinking into the future with doom we can also think ahead in joy, promise and creation? Our thoughts are powerful, indeed the most powerful tool we have.

A Way Forward From Anxiety Using Spiritual Psychology

We’ll gently facilitate discovery and exploration of the past to heal anxiety. Applying the skills you will learn through your work in workshops and individual therapies, you will discover where your thinking became distorted, where you began to allow your fantasies to become negative instead of realistic or positive. You will learn to see your experience as it really is, in the here and now. You will regain your connection to the emanate power of Spirit which will seamlessly lead you back onto a path of hope, peace and joy and serenity.

You will discover positive underlying purposes in your life you could never have imagined, you will reframe your issues as blessings as you learn to explore, from a universal center, the deeper purpose of events in your life. Transition occurs, anxiety will fall away and you will be free to move forward in your life with the skills to reap deeper understanding from present and future life events.

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