Residential Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction can feel debilitating. Many people struggle with addiction for the rest of their lives, some suffering one or more relapses before enjoying long-term sobriety. The potential for relapse and an ongoing fight with addiction are why you need quality treatment. Residential treatment provides the most comprehensive care for a strong recovery and your best chance of lasting sobriety.

Many factors influence whether residential treatment best meets your addiction treatment needs. These factors include:

  • Need for life skills training
  • Need for additional therapies addressing dual diagnosis conditions
  • Whether you need services after treatment, such as aftercare, to keep you strong in your recovery
  • If you need removal from your home environment of triggers and temptations
  • Whether quality rehab is unavailable near your home

Differences Between Residential Treatment and Outpatient Programs

Woman therapist leading counseling during residential treatmentAddiction treatment programs come in many forms. The most common types of rehab include residential treatment, outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization. Residential rehab provides the most intensive treatment over all of the other options. Going through a residential program means living at the facility and gaining 24/7 support, attention, care, and guidance.

During residential rehab, professionals will help you develop a specialized treatment plan designed around your individual needs. Since you live at the facility, you put all of your energy and attention into this plan and your recovery. You also gain ongoing progress reports and your treatment changes according to your changing needs.

Conversely, during outpatient rehab, you experience continuous exposure to your triggers and temptations when not at your treatment facility. You’ll need strength and support to get through those rough periods in early recovery. Without this support and ability to keep yourself from relapsing, outpatient treatment likely won’t provide the level of care you need.

Other Benefits of Residential Rehab

Being in a safe environment is one of the most significant advantages of residential program treatment. It allows you to gain unbroken focus on your recovery. You’ll have continual support whenever you need it.

Residential rehab continues for an extended period of time. Most programs take place over at least 28 days, with the best programs offering extended care. Studies prove that lengthier treatment provides the best chance of lasting recovery.

Another benefit of residential treatment includes being surrounded by peers in recovery. You and your peers in treatment lean on each other, provide mutual support, and share firsthand experience dealing with similar issues. It also provides greater support than in an outpatient program.

During residential rehab, you’ll have more time to heal. You gain greater physical and psychological wellness after ceasing drug or alcohol consumption. You build strength, get healthier, and feel much better. You enjoy greater exposure to group and individual counseling, ensuring you gain deeper insight to yourself than other programs offer.

Residential Rehab in San Juan Island, Washington

When you seek lasting recovery, consider the residential programs of The Clearing. The Clearing provides remote residential treatment on a secluded island with 64 acres of space for your healing. Because our treatment facility is only accessible via ferry, there’s little chance of abandoning your treatment early. You also experience safety from triggers and temptations of your everyday life.

Residential substance abuse programs of The Clearing include:

At The Clearing, you gain the safety net of a free second time through treatment if you relapse. This means you do not lose everything to relapse, with a bounceback into stronger recovery being only one call away.

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