Treating Dual Diagnosis

Root causes of addictionMany times Participants have co-occurring disorders, for example substance addiction coupled with depression and/or anxiety. This is known as dual diagnosis, and treatment for both conditions simultaneously leads to more complete healing.

The Clearing’s staff is trained to address and treat dual diagnosis Participants. Our unique Spiritual Psychology residential treatment is holistic in nature and perfectly suited for these conditions. We teach Spiritual Psychology Basic Skills and counseling strategies which can provide healing for multiple disorders and conditions concurrently.

Healing the Underlying Core Issues that Cause Addiction

When someone has a dual diagnosis (and this is the vast majority of those struggling with addiction), it means that the acting out/addictive behavior is linked to some emotional issue. Unless and until that emotional issue is healed, relapse is inevitable. 

Our entire approach is based around healing those underling core issues, so that lasting recovery can be achieved. Our principles are different than mainstream 12 step recovery:

You are not powerless.

You are not defective.

You don't have an incurable disease.

Our approach is evidence-based. We believe when we apply love to the parts that hurt, we heal. 

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