12-Steps Alternative

The Clearing is an alternative to 12-Steps programs. Our Program is one of empowerment and personal responsibility – absolutely free of shame and guilt. We teach participants mainstream psychological strategies and counseling techniques blended with the Spiritual Psychology to address underlying issues at their core.

How We’re Different vs. Typical 12-Step Programs

Program ElementThe ClearingTypical 12-Step Residential Program
Spiritual Psychology  
Private room and bath  
Begin and end as a group  
Program builds progressively  
Self-counseling strategies  
San Juan Island  
Fresh, seasonal locally-sourced food  
Working farm  
Family Care  
After care program Some
Email privileges Some
Cell phone privileges Shared landline
Insurance coverage
Alternative financing Some
Thorough screening process Some
Individual therapy
Dual diagnosis Some
Loving, caring staff Some
12 step program  

Spiritual Psychology

The Clearing is the first residential rehab treatment program founded on the Principles of Spiritual Psychology.

Private Room and Bath

Each Participant will  have their own private room and bath.

Group Program

Participants enter and leave as member of a group. This unique approach avoids the disruptions caused by people entering and departing the group throughout the month. Other programs intake and discharge clients daily, creating a distracting and disjointed experience.

Program Builds Progressively

A group that begins and ends together allows for a structured, solid, progressive program of learning. Everyone moves forward at the same pace, one day building upon another.

Self-Counseling Strategies

Our program teaches Participants self-counseling strategies and Basic Skills which can be used to regain and retain control of their lives. These skills are fundamental to future success; participants continue to apply these healing methods and techniques for the remainder of their lives.

Active, Not Passive

Participants actively engage, take responsibility, and are part of their own healing. The successful Participant is willing to authentically participate to the best of their ability.

Cost Transparency

The Clearing publishes its Program charges – no surprises or hidden costs. Our pricing is about half the cost of many comparable residential treatment centers. See our rehab price comparison  – how much is residential rehab really going to cost? for more information.

San Juan Island

The Clearing is located in a peaceful atmosphere on 64 acres on San Juan Island, part of a group of nearly 200 islands collectively known as the San Juan Islands, about 75 miles north of Seattle, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Fresh, Seasonal, Home Style Food

Good food, plain and simple. We are committed to providing delicious, home style, healthy and pleasing menus, using locally-sourced and organic ingredients when possible. You’ll enjoy three meals plus two healthy snacks per day. We want you to always look forward to mealtime!

Working Farm

Located on a 64-acre working farm with a variety of animals, our holistic residential treatment enter is part of one of the most picturesque locations in North America.

Family Care

Participants will come out of the program as changed individuals. Family and friends are invited to attend a Family Workshop during the final three days of the Program in order to facilitate reintegration and understanding of the Participant’s growth.

After Care Program

Graduates will be armed with a full set of counseling skills and other techniques that will help them address future challenges. In addition, support continues after completion of the Program, including access to our staff, other graduates, online support and continuing education workshops. Graduates are contacted regularly as part of our after care protocol.

Email Privileges

We understand you have email relationships you desire to maintain over the course of the Program. Due to HIPAA regulations, we are unable to allow personal computers onsite; however, you are welcome to check out an Internet-enabled laptop to maintain contact with friends and family. Work is discouraged; this time is for your personal healing.

Cell Phone Privileges

Like laptops, we understand cell phones are a critical tool of everyday life. While we are unable to accommodate your personal phone because of HIPAA regulations prohibiting cameras onsite (to ensure privacy), you will be able to check out a phone during appropriate hours to maintain contact with friends and loved ones.


Insurance plans and coverage vary widely, and many insurance plans cover residential treatment. Some of The Clearing’s Program fees may be covered by your insurance. At this time, we will be an “out-of-network” provider under your insurance plan. We look to you for full payment upfront and then you get reimbursed by your insurance company, based on your plan coverage. For planning purposes and budgeting, we are currently developing a standard estimated “bill” with all the insurance codes on it so that you can work with your insurance provider to see roughly what they will reimburse. We will help in any way we can.

Thorough Screening Process

Applicants are carefully screened for their ability to authentically participate in our Program.  Our application helps us better understand the applicant and their needs.

Individual Therapy

In addition to daily workshops, Participants also receive individual and small group therapy sessions.  Each Participant will receive over 120 hours of psychological workshops, group and individual therapy sessions over the course of the Program.

Dual Diagnosis

Some Participants may have co-occurring disorders, known as dual diagnosis. For example, substance addiction is often coupled with depression or other condition.  Our Program treats both conditions concurrently.

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