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This is Betsy writing…

As a founder, I went to three different facilities, two of which could only dream of earning one star.  So, on top of my depression and addiction I could add the seething resentment of being accommodated with garage sale furnishings.  We can all do math, that’s unnecessarily insulting.

The Clearing was created from the beginning with the comfort of our guests in mind.  If you’ve made it this far, you know the Program at The Clearing is different.  You’ll be busy, involved and called forward to deeper levels of personal introspection.  You’ll be tired at the end of the day, but the good kind of tired.  And awaiting is the most comfortable experience we can provide. 

While you focus on the work that brought you here, one major thing we can do to enhance your experience is make you comfortable and welcome.  To that end you’ll find a tastefully decorated, quality appointed and well maintained living arrangement combining the feel of a warm and inviting lodge with the privacy and comfort of home.

Bath and bed linen are high quality, freshly laundered and rotated often.  Rooms are attractively decorated, complete with the small touches you’ll appreciate over your extended stay.  Don't worry, we got it if you forgot it!

Private & Semi-Private Room and Bath in Intimate 8-Room Residence

The residence has six private rooms and two semi-private rooms. We’ve limited our size to 8 bedrooms on purpose so you get the attention and care you need. We’re not like those other huge residential treatment centers that sometimes cater to dozens or more than an hundred people at a time in some cases. We provide compassionate, personalized care.


The Clearing is located on a picturesque 43 acre estate on beautiful San Juan Island. Take a tour of our estate here.


See examples of  the delicious meals we serve at The Clearing.

San Juan Island

Located 75 miles from Seattle, WA, San Juan Island is the perfect location to undertake transformational change.  See more at Pacific Northwest Paradise.

Getting Here

Getting to San Juan Island is a memorable trip and can be accomplished in two equally beautiful ways.  The ferry ride to San Juan Island is a breathtaking experience; equally stunning is a short flight over from Seattle International Airport.  Let our talented and experienced team support you in making your travel arrangements smooth and stress-free.