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We work hard in partnership with you, spending the time it takes to understand your personal situation and assist you in ensuring we’re the right fit for what you seek to accomplish in your treatment experience.

We go above and beyond other programs to help you evaluate and feel informed you so you’ll have the confidence this is the right time and The Clearing is the right program for you.

There’s no pressure, the decision is yours to make.

Your group will consist of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and orientations but all absolutely committed and seriously motivated to use this opportunity to it’s fullest advantage.

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Our program is intellectually stimulating, elegantly simple and intuitive, and evidence-based which means each day you’ll have authentic and profound experiences deepening your hope, confidence and expectations that you’re moving forward and moving forward quickly.

Previous participants include doctors, homemakers, architects, engineers, builders, parents, students, attorneys, artists and musicians, professors, psychiatrists and psychologists, editors, consultants, authors, entrepreneurs, retirees, corporate executives and people in foodservice, sales, IT and healthcare.

In other words all walks of life. What each has in common is that life has become unmanageably out of balance and they’ve chosen to make their utmost commitment to learn and apply the profound and life-changing tools taught here.

The Clearing saved my life. Having tried everything for years and at the end of my rope with thoughts of suicide, I, with the help of my family, embarked on a national search for a different type of depression relief program. Not a business model approach like so many others we called but an approach with extraordinarily caring people and real healing tools.

From our many calls of exploration at the outset of our search to the very end of the program The Clearing and its staff continually showed their deep, personal commitment to providing a unique and trans formative personal program above all others.

In addition to this genuine foundation, The Clearing separates itself from all the others with its small group format of no more than 10 participants for the entire month, private bedrooms and bathrooms, 6 days a week of structured emotional and cognitive work based on science as well as evidence-based psychology work.
 -- Chip

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Through processes you’ll learn here, you’re able to identify when the behavior first became present and resolve it there, at it’s core. When complete, the relationship between the two events is dissolved and you’re now able to respond to situations arising in life with balance and perspective.

Expect these processes to be intellectually stimulating, elegantly simple, profoundly effective and fast.

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Selecting the right treatment option can be a complicated decision.  

Call us as at 425-275-8600 to discuss your specific situation and see if The Clearing may be right for you. It's confidential and there's never any pressure.

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