We Take Your Food Seriously

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You’re our guest for 28 days of meals and we understand our obligation to provide high-quality, thoughtfully planned, beautifully prepared menus during your stay.

Our food program operates without a budget, which means our talented chefs are free to buy generous portions of the highest quality products available.  You’ll get a weekly menu, supervised by a nutritionist but don’t be surprised if you find a change, it just means the chef got excited at the farmers market.

Participants come from all 50 states, and palates vary.  We put special effort into serving delicious meals likely to please everyone.  Locally-sourced meats, seafood and produce dominate our menus; seasonally sourced meals take center stage.

There is 24/7 coffee and tea service, an amply stocked Participant refrigerator with sodas and snacks, always a bowl of fresh fruit and, fair warning, we serve fresh, home-made cookies daily.  Sorry, you can take the girl out of the South but you can’t take the South….

Maybe it’s best said like this… We are aware that Costco sells coffee.  It’s pretty good, a really great price and is conveniently delivered to our door.  Your coffee, however, is our special blend, (stolen from Rocky Bay Café, thanks John!) roasted by Steve and Irene at the San Juan Coffee Roasting Company down on the West docks, ground the next day and at our place by that afternoon.  That’s the best we can do, not almost the best. 

Meals are served buffet-style. Our direction from Joe, our CEO, is that the last person through the line has the same experience as the first person served.  We can’t accommodate extreme food preferences but call us to discuss any questions you may have specific to your diet.


The Clearing is located on a picturesque 43 acre estate on beautiful San Juan Island. Take a tour of our estate here.

San Juan Island

Located 75 miles from Seattle, WA, San Juan Island is the perfect location to undertake transformational change.  See more at Pacific Northwest Paradise.

Getting Here

Getting to San Juan Island is a memorable trip and can be accomplished in two equally beautiful ways.  The ferry ride to San Juan Island is a breathtaking experience; equally stunning is a short flight over from Seattle International Airport.  Let our talented and experienced team support you in making your travel arrangements smooth and stress-free.