Dr. Blake Myers - The Clearing

Dr. Blake Myers, ND

Attending Physician

Dr. Myers, ND has been in private practice since 2014, and he started working in the area of accelerated medical detox and addiction support in early 2017 with Dr. Barbara Mendrey, MD. In addition to his role as an Attending Physician at The Clearing, he works with The Coleman Institute to provide accelerated detox from opiates, alcohol and benzos.

Dr. Myers has a naturopathic medicine practice at Northshore Family Practice, where he supports addiction recovery by addressing underlying health conditions and restoring balance to the system.

Dr. Myers views his job as a physician to help his patients heal and to restore health where it has waned. One of the primary ways he supports them is by removing obstacles, or road blocks, in the way of cure. Addiction and dependency to anything proves to be a major obstacle. While many times the addiction is not the foundational issue, the addiction needs to be taken out of the equation so that the core issues can be addressed.

Dr. Myers graduated from Bastyr University with a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014. Prior to that, he attained a B.S. in Biology from Iowa State University of Science and Technology in 2010. He was a combat medic in the US Army from 2003-2006, stationed in Ft. Benning, GA. He has study homeopathy extensively both at Bastyr University and with the New England School of Homeopathy.

Aside from medicine, he enjoys playing and recording music, surfing, fishing, and learning how to cook traditional dishes from around the globe. He is working currently to develop more robust detox protocols that ease the withdrawal process and improve recovery post detox.


Education and Credentials:

  • Bastyr University, Naturopathic Medicine