The Clearing’s Response to Current Events

The Clearing will host its next session sometime after the current COVID surge.  Please check back for updates.

Our Philosophy

We know that based on our location, our program structure, our testing protocol and our disinfection procedures, that we are the safest residential treatment program in the country at this time.  We are confident in our ability to provide safety to those in need of our Program. We are aware, informed, conscientious, responsible and also ready to do our job.


The Clearing is ideally situated geographically given the current circumstances.  Located on a 43 acre estate on San Juan Island, Washington, our property is closed to the public.  Our location is secluded and our cohort model means that we can ensure that everyone in a cohort is negative to the virus.

The Clearing is the only Treatment Program in the United States offering a 28 day program, cohort based program.  We will not intake additional participants during your time here. 

Three days after the start of our Program, we will test all the Participants again for the virus.  With the results of these tests, we will all know that the cohort is virus free for the remainder of the Program.

What do I need to know?

You’ll be in the safest environment we can create.  Our staff operates as a family and we are inviting you into the circle of deep caring we have for the well being of each other and you. 

Participant health will be evaluated prior to and at admittance and, along with staff, monitored throughout the program by our nursing staff.

We will adhere to the highest level of disinfection and monitoring protocols and will be implementing these continually throughout the session.  We will be informed, proactive, prudent and diligent in keeping our clients and staff safe and healthy while operating from factual, rational, current and science-based information and best practices; steadfast in responsible and proactive management.

What will you be doing?

Why not productively use this unique opportunity to get the help you need?  Join a transformational program presented in a safe, private facility to use your time recovering your best self as our world recovers its balance.


Travel to and from our facility represents the most significant risk factor you would face at this time.  If you live within driving distance, it is possible to arrive here with limited to no public contact.

If you would like to discuss your individual travel situation, please call us directly and we’ll assist you in the logistical options.