Treating Screen Addiction

Phones, computers, social media outlets and more are just a few of the screen addictions which can manifest themselves in our lives.

Do you have the compelling and compulsive desire to lose yourself in the Internet, escape into gaming or social medias or watch television to the extent the rest of your life suffers?

“Addicted? To a screen? Technology is everywhere and yes, this is a very real area of addiction.”


Do you feel a sense of anxiety or panic if you’re out of touch for short periods?  Do you have an obsessive need to know the latest email, text or post?

A Way Forward From Screen Addiction Using Spiritual Psychology

Contact with the outside world is necessary, critical even. But as you may see in your own life, an over dependence on electronic distractions can cause serious damage to oneself, one’s relationships, livelihood and quality of life. All too often we become addicted to the ‘escape’ offered by our devices and we lose untold hours to this compulsive and addictive behavior. They provide us with an alternative universe where our daily pressures fall away and we can occupy our thoughts. But it’s a slippery slope. Our life awaits.

Our Program will provide you with the opportunity to examine these behaviors and gently reset them so you regain control of your life. Through setting clear and positive intentions about healthy relationships with our devices, we regain control over them. Screens are here to stay, but the opportunity is to control them, not have them control us.

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