Recommended Therapists and Counselors

We meet mental health and addiction professionals all the time and here are some we feel very comfortable sharing and recommending.

1. Dr. Aleta Edwards – Tampa, FL
Dr. Edwards is a clinical psychologist in private practice and author of “Fear of the Abyss: Healing the Wounds of Shame and Perfectionism.”

2. Dr. Joseph RhinewinePortland Mindfulness, Portland, OR
Dr. Rhinewine runs this practice with a partner. Backed by scientific research, mindfulness-based therapy can help you learn and grow from life’s challenges, rather than get “stuck” and limited by them.

3. Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat – San Diego, CA
Dr. Carolle is am intuitive healer, MD, and author. She is available for one-on-one personal consultations at her Wellness and Retreat Center in San Diego- Helping women over 40 achieve harmony with mind – body – soul.