Attorney Addiction Treatment

Compassionate Care and Healing Designed to Last for Legal Professionals and DUI clients


Being a lawyer is stressful. You often see the underbelly of human behavior as you strive to provide counsel and execute due process responsibilities. Whether you’re a corporate lawyer, district attorney, public defender, DUI lawyer, or something in between, the stress can cause many to become susceptible to alcohol, drug, or substance abuse. The Clearing is a residential treatment center to treat these and other conditions, including dual diagnosis.

We take an entirely different approach by identifying, addressing and healing issues at their core. Unique in the industry, participants join in a group for an immersive 28-day program in an extraordinary recovery center located on beautiful San Juan Island, Washington.





Highlights of The Clearing’s Addiction Treatment Program:

  • Alternative to traditional 12 Steps programs
  • Private yet accessible location on beautiful San Juan Island, WA
  • Our Program is one of empowerment and personal responsibility – absolutely free of shame and guilt
  • Participants join a group in a safe, loving and healing environment
  • Over 120 hours of uniquely personal individual counseling
  • Learn principles, skills, and strategies that can profoundly alter your reliance on substances and your life
  • Private & semi-private room and bath
  • Accredited staff

“We were all too familiar, from personal experience, with the rehab industry and its weaknesses. We observed that the success rates were very low. More troubling, we knew many stories of people going to rehab and not experiencing a substantial program, coming out of treatment without the help they needed. We started with a blank piece of paper and focused on creating a program that would provide the best opportunity for participants to heal the underlying core issues that were limiting their lives. There is literally not another program like this in the country.”

– Joe Koelzer, co-founder, The Clearing



A Changed Life

Co-founder Betsy Koelzer describes her personal challenges with drugs and alcohol and how she regained control of her life after 2 spins in 12-Steps treatment.






About Half the Price of Many Comparable Programs

We offer 6 private bedrooms and 2 semi-private bedrooms, and 6 private baths and 2 semi-private baths in a warm and inviting former farmhouse located in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State. We offer a unique and unparalleled Program, excellent, locally-grown and sourced food, a wide range of alternative therapies.

We take a different pricing approach from the rest of the industry; it’s our intention to be up front and transparent about our program costs. Our inpatient residential treatment program cost is $35,000 per 28-day session.



Learn More About The Clearing

We understand this may be a difficult time for you. Selecting the right treatment option can be a complicated decision and we want to make it easy for you to get the information you need confidentially.

We’re here to help, even if our program isn’t a fit for you. Contact us to discuss your specific situation; we won’t ask for your name and we won’t contact you without your permission.

You can reach Joe or Betsy by phone, email, or through the “contact us” box below.

When you contact us, you can expect:

  • A returned call within 24 hours
  • Free, confidential consultation
  • Clinical detox options and recommendations