Who's Not Here

Your group would not include anyone being forced or pressured into treatment or anyone who truly doesn’t want to be here.

We don’t accept people who are choosing treatment primarily as a solution to judicial requirements. We skew a bit older (average 40s-50s), so you won't see many 20-somethings typically.

Our Program is post-detox, therefore each person in your group will be fully capable, competent and present to participate at a high level from the first session. Your group will be limited to people able to be respectful and appropriate in their manners, language and presentation, with no history of violence or aberrant sexual behavior.

We aren’t the place to ‘check off a box’ and not the place to "give it a try."

There’s work to do and this program will guide you every step of the way.

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The Clearing saved my life. Having tried everything for years and at the end of my rope with thoughts of suicide, I, with the help of my family, embarked on a national search for a different type of depression relief program. Not a business model approach like so many others we called but an approach with extraordinarily caring people and real healing tools.

From our many calls of exploration at the outset of our search to the very end of the program The Clearing and its staff continually showed their deep, personal commitment to providing a unique and trans formative personal program above all others.

In addition to this genuine foundation, The Clearing separates itself from all the others with its small group format of no more than 10 participants for the entire month, private bedrooms and bathrooms, 6 days a week of structured emotional and cognitive work based on science as well as evidence-based psychology work.
 -- Chip

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Selecting the right treatment option can be a complicated decision.  

Call us as at 425-275-8600 to discuss your specific situation and see if The Clearing may be right for you. It's confidential and there's never any pressure.

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