Addiction Treatment Guarantee

When we sat down to create The Clearing’s residential rehab and addiction treatment program in 2011, we were all too familiar, from personal experience, with the rehab industry and its weaknesses. We observed that the success rates were very low. More troubling, we knew of many stories of people going to rehab (in some cases, multiple times!) and not experiencing a substantive addiction treatment program, in some cases coming out of treatment worse than they went in. Our research showed that many residential treatment programs solely provide behavior modification and coping skills as their solution, which doesn’t address the core mental and emotional issues present for people struggling with their personal situation.

Given the overall success rate of the addiction treatment and rehab industry, it’s no surprise that very few, if any, residential rehab treatment centers guarantee results.

We employ a structured, evidence-based holistic approach that identifies, addresses and heals addiction, anxiety, eating disorder, and other issues at their core. And we guarantee you’ll see results.


Our Guarantee for Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Overall Residential Rehab

We feel strongly you will experience profound healing and a profound change in your life after authentically committing and going through our program. We feel so strongly, in fact, that we back it up with a guarantee.

If, after completion of The Clearing’s Program, fulfilled with honest, authentic and full compliance with all Program requirements, full participation in The Clearing’s AfterCare Program, fulfillment of all discharge plan actions and the Participant’s authentic application of the tools learned at The Clearing, a Participant’s issues reappear, the Participant may go through the Program once again, space permitting.

More specifically:

  1. The Participant can repeat the entire addiction treatment program, including:
    • Workshop
    • Group counseling
    • Individual counseling
  2. Accommodations:
    • All food is included
    • Room accommodations are included provided space is available. If space at The Clearing’s main residential facility is not available, the Participant is responsible for off-site accommodation
  3. Alternative therapies are not included. Additional charges may apply.

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