We couldn’t conduct our Program without our talented and nurturing staff. We’re all here to help in your healing process.

Joe Koelzer
CEO / Counselor

Dr. Barbara Mendrey
Attending Physician

Susan Eastland LICSW
Clinical Supervisor

Terrea Bennett

Ed Tucker
Tai Chi Instructor / Massage Therapist

Gregg Makuch
Chief Marketing Officer

Shannon Zastrow
Marketing Director

Maggie Lesoing
Purchasing / Customer Support

Jenny August
Administrative Manager

Adrienne Kaylor
Accounting Manager

Betsy Koelzer
VP of Operations / Counselor

Dr. Blake Myers
Attending Physician

Claire Atchley

Tom Brauer

Sean Corsi
Executive Chef

Aril Smith
Assistant Executive Chef

Heather Mueller
Art Therapy / Customer Support

Arlene Taylor
Facilities Support

James Van Slot
Information Technology