What Is Spiritual Psychology

What is Spiritual Psychology?

Spiritual Psychology is our healing approach here at The Clearing. It is a set of Principles, Basic Skills, and strategies that can profoundly alter one’s life. Building on proven conventional psychology methods, Spiritual Psychology adds a spiritual dimension. This holistic approach helps Participants discover the underlying core issues causing their challenges and enables them to gently and completely resolve them.

Spiritual Psychology Explained

Co-founder Joe Koelzer describes the Principles of Spiritual Psychology.

Spiritual Psychology: Love to the Hurt

Co-founder Dr. Scott Alpert describes the incredibly healing potential of Spiritual Psychology.

Conventional psychology focuses on three levels – physical, mental, and emotional – for healing. This is like a three-legged chair. It is incomplete and not totally balanced. Spiritual Psychology incorporates the spiritual level, which is the fourth leg of the chair, completing the foundation and restoring true balance.

LevelDescriptionConventional PsychologySpiritual Psychology
PhysicalWhat you do
MentalWhat you think and believe
EmotionalWhat you feel
SpiritualWho you truly are

Using the skills taught at The Clearing, you will learn how to bring all levels of your life into balance. When balance is achieved, life becomes peaceful, joyful and harmonious. Fundamental healing takes place, and individuals can achieve peace and live their lives to their fullest potential.

Will your life ever become out of balance again? Yes, it will. However, because you have learned to apply these profound skills and strategies, you are now uniquely prepared and empowered to address and resolve each new issue that may arise in your life with grace and ease.

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